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    Despite the community's' slow decline, I decided to register for an account anyway! (ya'll seem extremely friendly!) Returning RuneScape player here, starting fresh as an Iroman on RuneScape 3. Look forward to communicating with ya'll!
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    damn you want to talk about nostalgia... randomly thought to check out tip,it then even further looking up some old pics and what not i may have posted, and photobucket went to shit apparently, because none of my pics on any thread are here... brought back some awesome memories re-reading everything and seeing this damn near brought a tear to my eye... everyone was so young back then now look at all of us, grown with kids of our own and lives... i wonder how many old school clan people from back then still play.... to say i miss it is an understatement!!! edit: to say i miss it AND THEM is an understatement
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