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    Deke is a game breaker. In every sense of the word.
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    With lyrics like that my friend, you can seduce me any day <3:
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    This week, on hoarding specialists....
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    >Plot twist when money pouch is actually full.
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    >2k15 >keeping cash outside money pouch
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    Welcome to the club. I saved a seat for you!
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    wtf her shirt changes halfway how long did it take you to bake also who's taking all da pics
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    Tip from an anonymous source: Zamorak followers are planning to put his finger in a glass of warm water.
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    I have more half eaten summer pies than you. ur bank sux.
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    "Intelligent Design of Combat" That's giving the designers far too much credit.
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    Really late congratulations you muppets :3
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    Is that from before or after the time travel shenanigans?
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    Lioness plz pick a nice dress for me and Salleh.
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    WOW. No love for the oldest HYT Chat user. I'm hurt Jason. </3
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    "it's sure to have an ending as explosive as Kieran's after missing out on a threesome" Remind me to kill you sometime P.S. When were Kim and I in a relationship? P.PS. Why am I not on this list with myself?
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    They could bond over their mutual love of violence.
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    Arguments in Cantonese about smartphones which are then translated into english are always great
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    Congrats! You're off to a great start. :thumbup: Was glad to see you found your way to F2P United last night. Hopefully you'll become a regular. :)
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    Nobody actually believes that notification has anything to do with solving issues. Whether it does, that is something computer experts have yet to divine.
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    Tell Lara Croft to stop being so cheap and just buy her a helicopter to get up the mountain. :lol:
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    Lawl. Is it bad that I read this as a ABC news report. This was great.
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    I'm gonna learn to make a large variety of foods! :P Girls love a man that can cook, right? :D
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    You need to come visit and make me that. PLEEEASEEEE!
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    Fire surge, the highest spell, is what he was using. It might just not be apparent from the setup of his spellbook. You can pause as he turns it back on if you don't believe me/us :P You didn't die, which is always good. I died last night and like your Nex incident, not really sure how >_> I like your vids, keep them coming :)
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    Faaps u sound exactly like Grimy Bunyip why is that
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    One X and SGS3 are great spec phones but massive screens. It's a shame that no manufacturer makes the high hardware specs with smaller screens anymore. Sony have recently split from Ericsson and their newer Xperia stuff looks quite nice. Have you considered the Galaxy Nexus, its a slightly smaller screen than SGS (but not much) but it's the pure Android experience without all the stupid Samsung TouchWiz or Sense UI elements lagging the phone. It will also be first phone to run Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). Then there is of course the mystery of the iPhone 5. But you'll have to wait til september/october time for that.
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    Why not try for all 99s and 120 Dungeoneering first? Your current 3 200m skills are Cooking, Fletching, and Firemaking all relatively fast skills. Regardless good luck.
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