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    Deke is a game breaker. In every sense of the word.
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    With lyrics like that my friend, you can seduce me any day <3:
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    This week, on hoarding specialists....
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    >Plot twist when money pouch is actually full.
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    >2k15 >keeping cash outside money pouch
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    Welcome to the club. I saved a seat for you!
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    wtf her shirt changes halfway how long did it take you to bake also who's taking all da pics
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    Tip from an anonymous source: Zamorak followers are planning to put his finger in a glass of warm water.
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    I have more half eaten summer pies than you. ur bank sux.
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    "Intelligent Design of Combat" That's giving the designers far too much credit.
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    I do beadwork, too. This is fantastic!
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    I AM NOT A DICER! ...I mean congratulations you pair <3
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    Get back in the kitchen. Your cooking level sucks
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    The druidic cloak is underneath the whip vine :P
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    "it's sure to have an ending as explosive as Kieran's after missing out on a threesome" Remind me to kill you sometime P.S. When were Kim and I in a relationship? P.PS. Why am I not on this list with myself?
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    I was gonna say that despite me not being in this one, it was still fantastic, and you were gonna have to be responsible for Mark's death by asphyxiation. But as it is? God dammit, Jase.
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    We both know that he'll take that as a challenge. The results will be glorious.
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    For bonus fun, this means I technically lost a fight with a level 5 Magikarp.
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    Congrats man! Always good to get some 99's. Good luck on Ranged.
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    nice you're doing great! goodluck further !;D
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    nice blog and I like it how you think about stuff , you're not someone who just does stuff what is faster/gp you actually think about it , i like that (: i'll be sure too watch more about you !
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    Wow I never even thought of collecting the ashes to make money that's a great idea. You should make this blog into a thread, it's already going amazing!
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    Congratulations Polar!
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    That's mildly stupid. For 80 voyages straight, adventurers believe they have uncovered 'secret hidden ancient scrolls of POWER' and after 80 voyages they suddenly all start being wrong: nope, sorry, just regular paper. Shopping list. Remember the cabbage guys.
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    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Sorry I haven't been on to say yay on the others, no internet :(
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    You're not Jesus. The power of The Crate gives all HYTers an innate ability to levitate. Plenty of other things too which you haven't discovered. Worship The Crate!
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    "Where there is a bar, theres Kieran". It's funny cos it's true...
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    As one of the main demographic targets for Jagex, I personally would also love the ideas of non-EoC worlds or whatever they might implement. I like the hot bar for everything but combat. The abilities just annoy me, and the fact that most of the monsters arent aggressive anymore just irks me to no end.
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    I think... I'm happy I'm not on this one.
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    Fire surge, the highest spell, is what he was using. It might just not be apparent from the setup of his spellbook. You can pause as he turns it back on if you don't believe me/us :P You didn't die, which is always good. I died last night and like your Nex incident, not really sure how >_> I like your vids, keep them coming :)
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    You must be so bored these days
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