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    I remember your name. I've not played or posted in years. I wonder who still plays now, almost 20 years since I first started. playing this game.
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    Zargo, don't worry about that memory thing. You'll get used to it. lol I don't remember the 70's much either, but that's for a different reason. They say that if you can remember the 70's, you weren't there. πŸ˜‰ It's good to see you and to see that a few people are coming out of the shadows!
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    I've actually increased the number of hours of work due to being in the healthcare profession. Although, it is always at the back of my mind that just one simple mistake with forgetting to wash my hands or putting on PPE incorrectly could result in me getting infected with COVID-19.
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    I agree with you. I think we create our own future and destiny. Astrology and all the other stuff is just superstition and not a real thing. We create outcome from choises we make.
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    Oh my god. [bleep] you, don't numerology at me 😠 My dad subbed to that shit so hard. Can't tell you how many times I was told I was going to be angry forever because my birthday digits added up to 4 or whatever the [bleep] else -.- I hate astrology too, but numerology actually manages to be worse
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    The fact that the last thing posted here was in 2017 doesn't instill me with confidence. Anyways the Runechat ad is simply an rs gambling site, which is clearly against Jagex rules. https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/aclk?sa=l&ai=Cy_mpyL_PXpSbDsyH-wbmn7G4DoyG2_lcm6_MjqQLzarEehABILGDoQNgye7Di8Sk_A-gAa7ZxrsCyAECqQJmi_q2cjBOPqgDAcgDyQSqBLIBT9A8uLNUwZx2uH6y3QZiFcNKp56LovIba5PWcFA2oB8JuLAs6vwZCsHFvmkj8t5z7QswlgCFWx6PuJUapc0XDoHNEQrfxt0sxWogMpPh0GtfbYFeDDLQhoh3VyvrwfprrQBZuvzl7F62Y4BVxqLI6fCSDtxl3frRmrfqIGGucuQCBQTuRBT5fda0bGcEhsiXSPPNjdjWp9GvCfiV7JSDetKOUmvzZo_KOwg3G6X51bOQp8AEiOy49IEDoAYCgAe6prnEAagHjs4bqAfVyRuoB5PYG6gHugaoB_DZG6gH8tkbqAemvhuoB-zVG6gH89EbqAfs1RuoB5bYG6gHwtob2AcB0ggHCIBhEAEYH7EJzNRzaKdEeDaACgGYCwHICwHYEw0&ae=1&num=1&sig=AOD64_1uK61HE0gUI6_8aN6-AUptj8RYxQ&client=ca-pub-6690386699316001&nb=17&adurl=https://dndhub.org%3Fgclid%3DEAIaIQobChMIlJ_0gNjW6QIVzMPeCh3mTwznEAEYASAAEgLllfD_BwE
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    There are so many new faces that I'm sure most of you have no clue who I am. Until the past few days it's been 9 or 10 years since I posted even a little bit and closer to 14 or 15 since I posted with any regularity. I believe I'm really back now. I still have a pretty busy life, but I should have more time on my hands now. So, to any of my old friends/acquaintances who might be lurking in the shadows, I look forward to seeing how you've been doing. and to those I don't know, I look forward to getting to know you. (um, except the morons, jerks and other lowlife. We won't get along lol) To what staff is left, I apologize for not using one of the introduction or other such threads. I admit that I didn't want to get lost in the shuffle. I won't be offended if yo move it. Rejected maybe, but not offended. πŸ˜‰
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    Wkw, Although their was a time when RS and Tip.it were tiny I guess, You would have had to start very early on to have had that. I started around the end of August or early September 2001 and there were already thousands of people playing. As far as Tip.it and the forums go, Scapeboard had close to a quarter million accounts in 2004 before we migrated here. Granted, many of those were duplicate accounts with a smattering of bots thrown in, but even after we cleaned house, we still had a good 80 or 90, 000 accounts. Here's a look at Jagex.com from December 2001. Before the update Andrew describes in the news, when I sold 1k iron or silver, it was done one screen (28) at a time. With server crashes or problems with internet connections, it could take quite a while for big trades. Times sure have changed. Images take from: http://web.archive.org/web/20011214022429/www.jagex.com/runescape.html
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    I wish I was into this game when the community was tiny, before RS2.. but I didn't have a computer with internet way back then. I think RS was the first online thing I ever played after we got DSL in 2005
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    I mean, brain, if that's what you're trying to tell me, then that one's on you babe. I've spent the past decade trying to get my brain to just relax, lmao, I don't want this anxiety disorder either
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    God, I'm having stress dreams or nightmares basically every night at this point. I say nightmares, but it's hard to call them that when my dreamself's response to everything is so blazΓ©. Like, last night the dream was that I was being forced by an alien race to participate in the genocide of humanity by handling the distillation of nuclear waste with my bare hands. But, my dreamself's reaction was just... "yeah, alright". They were kind of bored, tbh. Like, no moral quandry over killing everyone. No fear of being tortured by the aliens. Not even a little bit of panic when I spilled the distillation station, and I have panic attacks every time I knock over an empty bowl irl! It's just weird. Like, the dreams suck, but to describe them as nightmares when they're so banal feels wrong. I never wake up scared, just a little annoyed, and it almost feels like it would be better to actually be afraid of those dreams... Wish I knew what my psyche was trying to do here
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    Finally finishing this up...
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    Priff has been unlocked finally, my first long term goal on the ironman feels great
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    Those were the good old times. Hey there! I believe I was also in the staff along with you :) The years have passed so fast that I barely remember much anymore, but I do remember the joy and pride of being part of the Tip.It team.
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    You get more XP when you share a bonfire. Some players get all pissy when you join there bonfire and they walk away and start there own. Really?
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    Appearances can be deceiving. I'll have much more to say about that soon, but for now let's just agree to disagree. The patient may be in a coma, but she ain't dead. πŸ˜‰
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    So tip.it is kinda... quiet nowadays I see. To be fair I think the last time I was really active was probably 10 years ago. How is everyone doing with the quarantine? For whatever reason my brain takes bad situations and wants me to be my best self so I've been working out more than ever, have picked up piano etc. Like the more I feel like external things are out of my control the more I want to control internal things. I'm lucky enough to have an "essential" job I love that's pretty safe, and I'm an introverted guy and don't need a heap of social interaction relative to a lot of people so I'm fairing relatively well.
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    Oh look who came crawling back
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    Finally am supporting this site financially, many years past the point it matters, lol
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    Posting in epic thread
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    Honestly, better than expected. It's been a crazy ride, but I learned to enjoy life somewhere along the way.
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    Thank you for taking care of things, Mage, it's really appreciated, even if there's not many of us still around.
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    Just because you don't see me doesn't mean I'm not here. If I wasn't here the forums and site both wouldn't be either.
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    I remember joining this forum and spending all the time I wasn't playing the game browsing through the forums (always had a tab open) or taking part in the forum games - anyone remember Hegemony in the OT forum? Me and my brother Sam used to make forum signatures, some of which I still see on a couple of users; LinkZelda has the Arctic Monkeys one I made when I was like 11 and I wanna say Sam has a couple people still using his signatures. I posted for advice when I first started learning bass guitar, before transitioning to guitar, which led me to go to university to study music. Every time I come back to Runescape I always remember the great times I had here, and come back to the forums to check if it's still alive, and it's clinging on, just about. As others have said, despite being in many ways an inferior format, Reddit is king, which is a real shame. Hopefully someday soon we see a resurgence in independent forums. Love you all, I'll probably be back soon, but I want those that read to know that you've shaped me as a person, in a purely positive way.
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    Hey, this can happen now. Mods, please add a thumbs down to the reactions list so I can dislike goon's sand groper video
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