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  1. Hour 1 - 14k

    Hour 2 - 27k (+13k -1k)

    Hour 3 - 36k (+9k -4k)

    Hour 4 - 44k (+8k -1k)

    Hour 5 - 52k (+8k =)

    Hour 6 - 59.4k (+7.4k -0.6k)

    Hour 7 - 66.2k (+6.8k - 0.6k)

    Hour 8 - 73k (+6.8k =)

    Hour 9 - 79.5k (+6.5k -0.3k)


    Interesting how thus far coming into start of peak time hasn't actually reversed vote decline, only seems to of flat-lined it.


    Cause the most hectic fans have already voted. The fall would most likely be bigger if it wasn't plenty of new players logging in.


    Which is a bit sad. After thinking about this for a while, it would most likely be for our everyones best interest to get over 500k votes. Nevermind if you care about 2007scape or not. Getting 2 games with one membership is guaranteed to get people not only to return to the game - but also try the current game aswell. Expecting people to return playing in masses with over 10$ or even up to like 20+$ monthly fees just doesn't seem reasonable. More players we get to 2007scape, the more money and players we also get for the real RuneScape.

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  2. After saying already that I won't vote, I went and did anyway. Why?


    First of all, I don't think that setting up and running older version of the game is taking as much expenses as people expect here. On the other hand, every player playing on a old server has to be a member or has to be a member and pay something on top of that. That seems like a pretty decent revenue to me. Revenue that could be spent on improving both games. I do believe that the old servers will bring people back, and maybe even make people try out on the current version again. After thinking about it for a while, I can't really see all the ways people (me probably included) have said about how this will backfire on Jagex as a business and by that way to the future of the current game.


    In a game like this, a fresh start (or atleast a possibility for one) is needed. I know I personally have played over 10 years on my account, and have no real reason to go through all of it again on a new one. But I can see alot of people who would like to start the whole game from a scratch. This game was never really fair for everyone. People who started later missed out on rares, missed out on being first to get 85 slayer, 85 mining, 91 runecrafting, high combats, slaying high level monsters and all that. They missed out on the chance to make the money big time. Where some people already had managed to make banks and skills so high there was no real competition to be had. Of course there are always exceptions, but for any average player I can see this becoming a problem. In a game where experience, items, highscores and competing against others matters as much as here, having a chance to start a game from same line with everyone else does seem quite tempting. Fresh economy, new challenges.. A fresh start.


    For that reason be I given a chance to play on 2007 server without paying extra (or atleast any more than 5), I will be around to see how it all plays out. Who will progress fastest, who will complete the most quests fastest, which way will people approach different goals, where will people generally focus their gameplay and how will the economy play out? After giving this quite some thought - measuring the pros and cons - I can't really see a reason not to vote.


    EDIT: It would be the most ridicule thing ever for them to raise the membership 5-15$ for everyone so we could all play 2007scape. I'm pretty certain that you have to pay 5-15$ extra to get to play 2007scape, but you can still keep playing current version for the price you are paying now. Expecting anything different is just foolish.


    EDIT2: During the time it took me to write this post, we got 3k more votes. 250k+ will pass for sure.

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  3. So pretty much exactly week ago I said I started 120 dg goal. So far I'm 104 dg (almost 105), with 8,444m experience in dungeonering counter. That means I got about 7,2m experience in a week. That's alot more than I was expecting. Then again, I got quite addicted to dungeoneering.. :D It's pretty fast now anyways, so 1m xp per day isn't that much.


    However, if I keep that rate (with about 1m dg xp day), I should get there in about 70-75 days. :D So by the end of April seems reasonable goal. :razz:

  4. Will not play, will not vote. Been "grinding" more or less on my account for 10 years, starting everything from scratch just for nostalgia sake is not option for me. I don't enjoy low level content enough for it to be worth it. Besides, I like the current game alot and we have plenty of interesting updates coming this year. Why on earth would I want to get back to the 2007 game? Of course, had I given chance to test it out for free, I might roam for a while for the nostalgia sake. Just as I do with RSC. It's fun for a short while every now and then, but to pay to play it? No.


    So whoever really wants to play it should vote yes. Those who don't - shouldn't vote. Atleast we get a reasonable amount of resources invested in this project (assuming it goes live one day).

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  5. So race is back on:



    One (nice one) out of the list, and made nice 26m while at it too. Saradomin is the only boss I have tried so far after EoC, and I must say I find it rather enjoyable. Barraging stuff is pretty damn awesome! As soon as I make some more money and get some gear, I will try other bosses too. Reason, why I'm low on the money atm is here:




    Got that yesterday, which I'm pretty damn proud of. I started "goal" for partyhat like a year ago, and seriously went for one at last summer. Still it took this long to get one. Now next stop is a yellow phat!


    I've been making money lending the phat out, so I'll add this here as a reminder for myself (I keep track of my G.E. trading and phat lending and I'm at wrong computer now).


    Lending phat (24 hours): 2000k

    Battlestaves (3100): 1450k


    I'm buying bstaves, shards and uncut sapphires atm from G.E., to sell at bulk in the forums. Okay pocket money for doing basically nothing. :P

  6. I agree with some previous posters here who said that the port armours should get some sort of set effects. If nex gear has damage bonus, why not give port armours defense bonus? I know many people might disagree, considering that in most cases damage is more important than defense. However, not everyone plays the same way and not every player/team should use the exact same strategies to fight different bosses. It would give more reason to have tank in bossing teams. I do realise port armour has already high defense, but why not add for example a small damage soak similar to spirit shields for having the whole set?


    I personally enjoy having alot of hitpoints and armour, even if it might effect my killing speed when fighting against bosses. Even if the kills take longer, I like feeling a bit safer with more room for error - as I tend to make mistakes quite often, especially with the new combat system.


    EDIT: I sold my Sea Singer hood for 18m. It's not bad price considering the usefulness of tradeable helm, but then again how much some people got for theirs, it's a bit dissapointing. I am not sure whether I should just make the superior armour next and forget about trying to make profit..

  7. What kind of effect does the style of your gloves (e.g. melee, ranged, magic) have? I heard only helm, plate, legs and shield slot have effect on your offensive capabilities. If it is so, what is the point of using different class gloves/boots?

  8. Has someone got confirmed knowledge about how modifiers work when going for trade goods?


    First of all, I sent a joint voyage for 6 chi globes earlier today, which was success:



    Now I'm just puzzled why did I get 7 chi globes instead of 8? I mean I had jade merchant (30% increase) and Fortune of Seas (10% increase) both on board. I even checked to add the FoS before sending the voyage.


    According to my calculations 6 x 1,3 x 1,1 = 8,58 ~ (rounded down) 8. Not 7. Someone said it's always rounded down before applying each multiplier, but in my opinion that would sound a bit ridiculous. It would explain why I got 7 chi globes though. 6 x 1,3 = 7,8 ~ 7 x 1,1 = 7,7 ~ 7 = 7.


    If that is really the case, I think it's stupid. In my opinion we should (of course) get the amount of resources/trade goods we have multipliers for. :?

  9. Hola Gregor! Haven't posted here in a while, so about time to do it. You're progressing nicely, like always. However, I don't think alching is the way to train magic anymore. In my opinion it never was, to be honest. Combat against magic weak creatures is the way to go nowadays. Especially now that the normal spellbook spells are alot cheaper to cast than before.


    I've also been trying to max citadel at loom, but I just find it too tedious task to do. Too many clicks and takes too long. I gotta get back there for 85 - 90 crafting though. :D


    Well, good luck and keep going. What kind of goals do you have planned for 2013?

  10. I thought the first article was very well written and whole heartedly agree with what the author said. The game can only survive as long as it's constantly updated, be as it may that some players don't like some updates as much as others.


    I've grown used to the SoF and SGS updates after realising that they really don't affect my own playing at all. If someone else buys spins from SoF, then that's their money they want to spend. Or if someone got 99 skills different, faster ways than I did - good for them. One should play to achieve his own goals and play because you enjoy doing so. Not because you want to impress others. And looking from the point of view of updates devaluing your achievements, you are definitely trying to impress other people instead of being proud yourself of what you have achieved.


    I keep playing as long as they keep updating the game and giving more content to look forward to. I have played over 10 years now, yet I don't see any reason for me to quit. Not as long as I enjoy playing.

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