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  1. The problem with placing crew improvement above ship improvement when prioritising upgrades is the fact that - no matter what you do (unless you only do 100%, which seems very slow approach) - you're going to fail missions eventually. There is a pretty good chance when failing a mission that you are losing a crew member. As far as I know, you can't lose ship upgrades. Besides, you have to remember that one ship upgrade goes to both ships (or all of them later on).


    Crew is important, and there are ways to get good crew members pretty cheap. But don't do the mistake that you put crew over your ships. I focused alot on crew and took huge steps backwards failing two missions. Losing two best crew members I had made it impossible to obtain higher than 50% success rates for the rest of the voyages for the day (special ones).

  2. Slayer is a pain at the moment. Killing stuff with all the abilities, multicombat, familiars and cannons is simply too fast that you can't anyway get all out of it. Places are crowded and monsters spawn as slow as they always did. It's a "crashfest" at any slayer spot where everyone is trying to get a kill here and there against others. They need to either make monsters have more hp (and give more xp), or they seriously need to speed up the spawn rates.


    I went to kill living rock creatures for example, with cannon and steel titan. It took me like 15 secs to clear the spot I was in (with 6-7 creatures around), and after that I had to wait for like another 30 seconds for them all to spawn... So basically I was spending more time waiting than killing. That's a big no no.

  3. I pretty much got rid of everything expensive and am holding cash at the moment. Trying to get some arcanes, rocktails, living minerals and such incase I get lucky - to sell after EoC goes live.


    Equipment wise I got some armadyl stuff and zaryte bow. Zaryte bow was pretty amazing when I tried it in beta, though I heard it got nerfed or something. So now I'm bit worried it's going to drain alot of money with it. Hope not, already took quite losses with some nex gear. :D

  4. Nice drops Rohan. I haven't been doing much PvM aside fight kiln recently. Got few onyxes there for some money. Also have some QBD loot I can post, but as I am doing more of it in upcoming days, I think I'll post all of them at once. Still missing kiteshield and dragonbone kit though, those seem to be quite rare.


    I've also started herbfarming again, as well as doing some D&D's. Made nice 200k agility experience today from 2 circuses, 2 penguin hide & seeks and troll invasion. 2 free sof spins gave me D&D tickets for penguins and circus. Was quite fun. Also used jack of trades for first time in months.


    Yesterday also got nice 47k fishing xp from tears of guthix, that's a must do for every week for sure. Should get that quest cape for some extra weekly xp's.


    By the way, are we adding uncut onyx in the challenge special items or not? :wink:


    And thanks to everyone for comments!!

  5. First of all, after bxpw grinding, I got 99 summoning! (picture on other pc, will post here later) That means I'm maxed in combat stats (aside slayer if you count that as combat). So now I'm in top shape to kill bosses, especially now that I got goliaths for corporal and dreadnips for everything too.


    Today we went to test out saradomin (first time for me) GWD, and after about 2,5 hours (at the very last kill of that trip) we got this! First of the GWD drops down.




    Money pouch says thank you. Was down to 2m after bxpw. :P


    Let me just say that I love steel titan...

  6. I do believe summoning receiving the 2x boost this time has alot to do with this. There are just so many people and familiars moving at the same time it causes lag. You move 3 steps - stop - move another 3 - stop and so on. We were having nothing similar to this on previous bonus xp weekends when I think most of people were just standing at the bank. Now we have alot of people online and at the time of writing this it feels like almost everyone is training summoning (can't blame them). If my theory holds, we should be expecting little relief on the problem when people start training other skills. There is really no other skill that requires as much movement as summoning does.

  7. So here comes. I got this one yesterday. Sexy cape for sure, shame I will probably never use it. :D




    That's 99 prayer by the way, managed to miss print screen button.. :D


    Also went to bandos with maul, goliaths and dreadnips. Was quite fun. Though managed to die middle of trip. Thank god, I was fast enough to get back to my grave in 15 mins. Would've lost fury, kiln cape and some other stuff. Shame I got no drops though, except one effigy. 33k free slayer experience, thanks.


    By the way, the opengl fix made the game run very smoothly for me. Thanks Jagex, you sometimes manage to make things right. No more lag, for the win!

  8. Sure as hell will be but we're gonna go down with it. :D Anyways, today was epic day. After 9 months of glacor hunting with nothing to show for it, I finally got these. Ftw!




    Big one out of the list for sure. I'm at 5-6k kills and still no glaivens. Wonder how that will turn out.. :?


    PS. Rohan remember to update your list. You got that godsword shard 1. Actually we got that one twice, just realised from looking pics. :D

  9. Been killing glacors for months and months and still no sign of boots. Getting very frustrating. Atleast I almost have charms for 99 summoning (considering 2x boost at bxpw), so steel titan should keep things interesting and make bossing even more worthwile. Might even go back to kiln to farm some money, if bosses won't start giving loot. It's not like I'd be in dire need of money but still. Just want some loot, that's all. Been very unlucky in terms of drops last months. :(


    Our corporal beast log is at 83 kills at the moment. Anyone know droprates for sigils? :?

  10. Congrats for 99 fletching, and trimming your woodcutting cape! Now go around and walk like a boss with that trimmed cape, won't be so nooby anymore, right? Now you already have two 99's that I lack! At this rate you'll go past me in a year or two. ;)


    So what are your next goals apart gaining higher levels? Any new 99's in sight? Cooking and firemaking would seem like decent options for AFK activities, now that fletch and woodcutting are done. :D

  11. people saying they think their accounts are worth like 1000$ because of how much time they put in are delusional.

    You are not 'working' you are playing a game, if someone was serious I am sure they could get most of your stats in a few months from botting 24/7.

    I doubt even max cape accounts would be worth that much (who would buy it...).


    The topic was not about how much people would be willing to pay for your account, but how much would you be willing to sell it for. I don't think many who have posted here think anyone would pay 1,000$ even for a maxed account. However, I wouldn't sell my account even for 1,000$, and I'm not even maxed. I value the time I put into my account, the memories and good time I've had playing way more than the money. I could earn that 1,000$ in two weeks on normal pay. I've played over 130 days on this account, in over time period of 10 years. Money isn't really everything. It comes and goes. Realistically I could expect my account to be worth about 500$. Mostly because my bank is at around ~700m gp. Not a price I would trade my account any day.


    So for me I might seriously consider giving up my account and starting a new one for lets say few thousand. However, I'm actually glad nobody would be paying such amounts.

  12. Wow, we couldn't play properly for one hour!! Time for massive rant and suggesting people to get fired and lose their jobs!! You got 20 free spins for it, gtfo now. I'm seriously getting tired of people complaining and complaining all the time.. :mad:

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  13. I did 331 summer pies (cost like 800k), and got returned 28 rune bars (360k), so lost quite a bit there. Especially as I used bake pie spell. Though I did pay quite a bit overprice for raw summer pies, as I couldn't be arsed doing them from start. So the prices match quite evenly to the GE prices of those items. Have to remember that you can't always get the raw materials you need for the GE price, at some cases not even close.


    I really liked doing daily challenges, so my almost only concern is the 1 per day limit. It's too little for any even semi-active player. 5 per day would be good. Also no tasks for skills you already have 99 in, would be good (if possible). Another concern is the dungeoneering xp reward, which seems ridiculously high. Also the summoning and prayer tasks need to have more units for more xp. Getting a daily challenge of burying 5 frost bones just doesn't really cut it. Takes 1 minute, and you get 2k bonus experience.


    Other than that, nice update with alot of potential. :P

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