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  1. Happy brithday Rach! :)

  2. Happy birthday aspeeder ^_^

  3. Look who I saw last night while on duty. I was in the pit, literally only five metres right of the stage.

  4. AS Levels are for casuals. The pros get A2s. Grats though.

  5. You ready, though? That's the real question.

  6. Keyboard broke again. It's a good job these things are ten a penny.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Agreed. Computing wouldn't get very far if we all had to deal with touchscreen or on-screen keyboards. Long live the External Keyboard Peripheral! ^_^

  7. -Forks out a few tokens for the Gatherers ring-... Happy brithday though.

  8. So did you get up to stuff in the music room or not? No pics plz.

  9. Happy Birthday Maddy. :)

  10. Happy 101st birthday. I mean what...?

  11. It was a 49min floor I keyed, I was pissed off and tired after a failed Jad attempt (wasn't it like 1am too?). It was nice rage considering. I failed Jad again since. RS is great fun bro. Now get the completionist cape plz.

  12. Broken keyboard is stopping me from RSing atm. That, and Skyward Sword.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Gooooooooo... Go buy new keyboard! NOW!!! =P

  13. I'm eating Killerreds... um... no I've not thought this one through...

  14. Tbh, you just lamped all the way to 99 Dungeoneering. Don't deny it. I was at the party. I saw the crime.

  15. Wassup stalker? Couldn't help noticing you were in a DG the other day... strange hobby for a F2Per on college leave. :whistle:

  16. Grats on Birthday level.

  17. Grats on 20 age level

  18. This eye... what is even...? o_O

  19. You're looking quite... mature for an 11 year old. Meant that in the best possible way. And I know you work so that's child labour (tut tut). Happy non-11th birthday nevertheless. :) <3

  20. Welcome to StalkScape.

  21. -Stalks profile picture-

    Yep, I'm no better than anyone else in EoE ;)

  22. You're gonna *love* statistical analysis in A-level Biology then. Don't worry too much about it... I don't think anyone finds it enjoyable.

  23. You know, when we first went on hospital placements, we interviewed some of the key people to understand how team-based medical care actually is. It was the biochemists who wore the trousers in that place, honestly. Doctors can't do anything without someone doing lab tests.

    Fine choice, that.

  24. Eh wot? Don't remember you being champions at Headingley last September. :P

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