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  1. The Sailing joke is still a running gag in-game on OSRS whenever a new reboot starts timing down.


    I joined the Reddit cc (HYT chat doesn't exist any more); if you speak to them about the last five years and look at RS3 player numbers, it's little wonder why numbers here have drifted down. While OSRS has been a huge success for Jagex (around 100k a few weeks ago following mobile OSRS release), RS3 only has 20k active weekly players now. The EoC update in late 2012 set RS3 on course for an ultimately terminal decline.


    Wikia has also replaced Tip.It and Zybez as the reference for game information. From an ex-staff viewpoint, that's hardly surprising. We would receive literally hundreds of reports every week, and there's only so fast we can process that information (working out what was wrong, deciding between false reports, editing the HTML etc). Wikis are simply a better medium for community-based collaboration.

  2. And my mum died this morning. So much for coming home.

    I'm sorry to hear that. There's nothing anyone here can say that will make this better, but I hope they did everything they could to make her comfortable in her final days, and that she died peacefully.


    Today I was laid off from my job.

    A big company bought my organisation, fired half the team.

    They plan to fire the other half next  year after they get the remaining staff to integrate our projects into their own portfolio.

    Hello Maddy! I'm also sorry to hear your bad news. The experience you've gained will make you a worthy candidate for other organisations who'll appreciate your worth, don't worry about that. Enjoy Italy--if you're going to Rome, it's a beautfiul city.

  3. Think of the people you like being around. Chances are, they'll generally reflect positivity--talk about things they ARE doing rather than things they can't / don't have time for, talk about people they DO like rather than people who annoy them, talk about where they WANT to go in life rather than brood over the opportunities they've lost for whatever reason.


    My golden rule is that if there really is no positive way of looking at something, turn it into a joke, or else don't bother mentioning it to strangers or acquaintances. Your friends would probably care, but strangers won't.

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  4. Anyone else bad with first dates? Like, I just had my first one in ... a while. Like, idk. Didn't seem to go as I would've hoped.

    First dates are generally hell for most people. It's not something anyone should beat themselves up over. Sometimes you click, sometimes you don't.

  5. Just to rewind (and de-escalate this rather silly row), no one actually said: "stick with someone even when they're not offering what you're expecting from a relationship, in the hope that one day they will". One fellow TIFer, who happens to be female, simply asked that you stopped assuming Statement X was a manipulation of Statement Y based on nothing else except the gender of the person saying it.


    Seemed like a pretty obvious and reasonable request to me and I think most people outside of this place, especially women, could empathise with that.

  6. There are some drawbacks. Although you can literally do everything on the mobile, some things (like quests) are actually quite fiddly to do. Posture is an issue; playing hunched over a tiny screen is actually pretty uncomfortable after twenty minutes. Also, although the legality of this issue has always been murky, you can't use the third-party clients which have made the UI so much more user-friendly.


    It does have some utility though: half-AFK fishing while watching Netflix on television? A little bit of woodcutting while you're waiting for that pasta to boil? On public transport and need a boredom killer? It's here that the mobile version really excels, even if it doesn't fully replace the need to play OSRS on a desktop.

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    As someone who has dated, it reads fairly accurately

    I mean, I wouldn't want to date someone who took "I wanna take slow" as "She never wants to have sex with me and is just leading me on" either. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy there.



    I have dated and, because of the nature of the job I do, have quite a few female friends. I think most of them would agree with Tesset's perspective.


    If a guy (or girl) they're dating can't take the statement "taking things slow" at face value, much less accept that, then it doesn't bode well for much else in that relationship.

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  8. Curious how many people we will get back now with RS Mobile released.


    Oh hai.


    In a strange turn of events, I came back to Tip.It for the bestiary which I worked on as a Crewbie over ten years ago. But to be honest, Leik is bang on the money--the medium of forums has been largely replaced by Reddit, fandom wikis and Facebook groups.


    That being said, the player numbers for OSRS on mobile are very impressive.

  9. Take things slowly on that one, Noxx. I'm sure she likes you, however, she's said she doesn't want to rush into intimacy; therefore, doing so would be the fastest way of stopping it dead. Also, if she's newly single, she might not be ready to jump into something that deep at first.

  10. OT: Did anyone come back here after many years and lowkey cringe a bit at their teenage selves?


    I wonder if this how Generation Z will feel about Instagram in five years...

  11. I'll only respond to those who offer counter-arguments and don't seek to trivialize the topic (since when have I suggested women are 'tied to the refrigerator'?).

    1. No. Apartheid was legally enforced. It was comparable to Jim Crow laws.
    2. Why do you think this is the case? Are more things happening to men? Are newspapers deliberately not covering things that happen to women? Are readers less interested in what happens to women? Not a rhetorical question, just not sure in what sense you think this is evidence of sexism.
    3. And 90% of workplace injuries happen to men. Is it any more fair that men are disproportionately expected to put the integrity of their body at stake in order to get a job? Or is doing things you wouldn't do if you weren't getting paid for it exactly what working is?
    4. But the same thing is true for everyone. I don't care about my baker as an end in and of him or herself. I care about how good he is at baking bread. This is totally normal in a society with more people than you can know personally.
    5. I won't comment on Timberlake because I don't remember the song, but you'll note that Thicke hates "blurred lines," not lines. The song is about mixed signals ("the way you grab me [what way, we're not sure, but apparently such that she...] / must want to get nasty"), which, in the interest of consent being taken seriously, should not be part of the lead-up to sex. That song also contrasts Thicke to another man who tried, and failed, to domesticate the woman in question, so I'm not sure where you're seeing that coverture-esque ownership thing.

    Excellent points, well thought out post.
    1) I think the comparison to Jim Crow is more appropriate, you're right, in that the arrangement is dependent on the relationship being an inherently unequal one. The main difference I'd note is that du jure discrimination has been virtually eliminated in the Western world. Another difference is that I don't think the discrimination is as strong today as it was with racism back then. Some men are misogynist and sexualize women at every turn. The majority, I'm convinced, are perfectly decent human beings and do not, but the problem is the former group aren't challenged nearly enough by the latter to change their attitudes or behaviour.
    2) Good questions. There's certainly more men in political office, and since politics and economics dominates our newspapers, you might argue that accounts for the increased number of articles about male subjects. What's more concerning, though, is the manner in which women are presented on front pages of newspapers. In 2012, the top two woman most likely to be photographed (by far) were Kate and Pippa Middleton, perhaps not surprisingly following the wedding, but this was not followed by any description of what they've been up to or how this is even newsworthy, as they would have done for a politician, but followed by a blow-by-blow account of what they were wearing and how they appeared. I cannot recall the last time Michael Gove's or George Osbourne's attire was picked apart thread-by-thread to accompany a largely irrelevant and superficial account of their policies for education or the economy (of course, the irony there is they suit up quite well, being politicians in the public eye; perhaps some men wouldn't mind some free advice?). Again, though, the implication that women aren't there do anything useful, only to look pretty while men do the real work, is made, an association which was made ad nauseum with Diana.
    3) This one is frequently brought up as a counter-argument to feminism. "Well, men have it bad too in some ways". I'm not going to argue against that, and I don't think most rational feminists would either, at least not the ones that follow the definition of 'wanting equality between both genders'. If we're going into more sociological territory and discussing power imbalances, though, I'd like to give a personal account. A female friend of mine who went to college to study car mechanics and engineering, but had to arrange her own work placement to pass the course, and was told by every garage in my hometown that, "You're a bird... you must be joking!". Women can't very well place themselves in hazardous occupations if discrimination stops them from even accessing those occupations in the first place, wouldn't you agree?
    4) I doubt if your male baker was the Secretary of State, you'd ask him what designer shoes he wears, though. OK, you go to your baker for bread and you're not interested in his ideas about the world, I get that. But when it's your job to be foreign minister for the most powerful country on Earth... Is your choice of designer labels what the people are really interested in?
    5) Alright then, fair play. How about this one? :P

    I see you walking home alone, your face is alive and bright
    But you can't see how weak you are 'cause I could end it tonight
    It's the feeling you get when you think that someone behind is watching you
    Well I can tell you now, that someone is me and I'm about to make it right
    I creep up from behind, touch your neck, move down your spine
    You take a look and breathe so sharp
    Just a matter of time
    Don't scream I ask of you, but then you let one out and now it's time to go
    I come down on you like a ton of brick
    All over so it's time to go

    Bit rapey?



    Alright this is getting frustrating. I dont have a job yet, and I'm out of school. Could ya'll like boost up your post counts? I'm soooo bored.

    The logical solution to that problem would be for you to get a job, haha. :P



    Just applied for a warehouse job that I have a solid chance of getting. Not really my ideal job, but its 40hr/week @ $13/hr starting so I'm down. Anything to get me out of bed in the morning really.


    Good to hear. I remember when I was two years long-term unemployed and eventually got a job offer at a less-than-ideal place. It was probably the one thing that transformed my attitude towards life and my ambitions. Even if it's not ideal, it gives you structure and confidence and that makes such a difference at the end of the day.


    I hope the application goes well and the job, if you get it.

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    @Giordano: There's definitely a link between socioeconomic status and inequality, but surely, gender and racial inequality exist against the background of socioeconomic inequality, rather than in spite of it. Does a black woman on a similar income to a white man receive different levels of sexist and racist discrimination? Almost certainly.

    What discrimination she would get would not ruin her chance at achieving her goals or financial independence. I'm not saying racism/sexism doesn't exist, it is just not a relevant factor anymore.



    Women make up just 19% of Congress. I'll agree that socioeconomic status plays a little role in that, but in this golden age where women couldn't want for more and every obstacle to gender equality has supposedly been toppled, you're not seriously suggesting that that's all down to class, are you? That's one hell of an extraordinary statement.


    If you want a discussion, you can't really go "it's garbage" and then walk off before saying why... >_>

    It is garbage under the law of social media that states that all Twitter trends are garbage. You know me.... I never post, I just let you guys do the discussing.

    Understood. So your criticism is aimed at the use of hashtagging as a platform from which to launch short-term trends, rather than a more sustained message. Regrettably, I'd have to agree with you. That's not to say social media can't be used to campaign in this way, just that the use of trending means the message hits home but isn't followed through or reinforced, and therefore, quickly forgotten.

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  15. I've never understood the rah rah over women being sexualized in the media. If I could get paid to get pictures of me taken while wearing skimpy clothing, I'd do it.

    If I understand your point correctly, it implies as follows: you don't understand the problem whereby half of the population are given the message, in no uncertain terms, that their careers and aspirations are limited only to the roles that the other half allow them to perform for their own titillating satisfaction, and that in the absence of being able to provide that satisfaction, they aren't worth throwing the money at.


    If we were talking about race in that context, we'd be calling it apartheid, wouldn't we?

  16. Sorry, been a bit busy...

    All political movements are judged by the radicals.

    They may receive disproportionately more attention, but that doesn't make them representative of the whole cause. That's a very obvious logical fallacy.

    And the only de facto discrimination that exists is in the pay gap right? Or do you have other examples?

    Yes, mostly relating to the media. Over four fifths of mainstream newspapers' front page stories are dedicated to male subjects. Only a fifth of frontpage stories are written by female journalists. Meanwhile, Page 3 shoots continue to depict (exclusively young and sexually attractive) women in an overtly sexualised manner.* Studies show barely any difference between the language describing women used in lads' magazines and language used by those convicted of sexual assault. In music videos, men are routinely depicted as suave and suited up, throwing scantly clad women around like confetti on a dancefloor.


    * (less of an issue in the US where Page 3 doesn't really exist, but definitely relevant to the UK)

    None of these examples have anything to do with wealth or a pay gap, but continue to reinforce the idea that a woman is only worth what men find sexually attractive about them. And even if you're lucky enough as a woman to be judged as sexually attractive, the discrimination doesn't stop there.


    What of your right to say No? Well, not according to Justin Timberlake ('I know you like it...') or Robin Thicke ('I know you want it...'). Very clearly, and in a very accessible, visual format, a link is drawn between sexual desire on the one hand, and aggression, control and ownership of women on the other, for all young men and boys to see.


    What of your desire to be judged for anything other than how you look? Well, not according to The Wanted ('But who cares? She walks like Rihanna'). Again, very clearly, and in a very accessible format, a message is given to young girls that they could do well in exams and perform well in a job (or not, as the case may be in the song), but it's all an irrelevance because the only thing that women are likely to be judged on is how they look in terms of attraction to men.


    @Giordano: There's definitely a link between socioeconomic status and inequality, but surely, gender and racial inequality exist against the background of socioeconomic inequality, rather than in spite of it. Does a black woman on a similar income to a white man receive different levels of sexist and racist discrimination? Almost certainly.

  17. Alright this is getting frustrating. I dont have a job yet, and I'm out of school. Could ya'll like boost up your post counts? I'm soooo bored.

    The logical solution to that problem would be for you to get a job, haha. :P

  18. Id go so far as to say that today there is equality of opportunity to succeed.

    There's plenty of evidence which contradicts that belief. While de jure gender inequality has been all but eliminated (and it hasn't totally), de facto discrimination is still very much alive and kicking.


    As to why its a dirty word is because the social justice tumblr feminist movement is viewed as baroque and sometimes misandrist and a lot of the people who go on about how they can't stand feminists/feminism are simply reflecting that they can't stand this particular group of people who call themselves feminists.

    Is it the fault of a movement that some people on tumblr can't differentiate between a smaller, more radical branch of a movement; and the wider movement itself? I'd have thought the burden of responsibility lies with those making the original error, not those instigating the movement in the first place.

  19. Don't you think that agreeing with such a principle contradicts support for feminism?


    Feminism sort of falls apart if you believe that women are responsible for their own wellbeing.

    Not really, no.


    I think I said a rut that he had dug himself into with irrational reasoning and wishful thinking, not a rut that was dug for him by centuries of prejudice, a culture of gender stereotyping which existed before he (or she) was even born, and a drastic under-representation in Congress. Furthermore, feminism isn't about men 'rescuing' women. Just like black people didn't need 'rescuing' from white people. They needed empowering through the democratic process (because that's where the real power lies) and their concerns needed legitimizing. Most of the leading figures in the feminism are women, and rightly so.


    You could argue this guy needs empowering too. He's clearly feeling hopeless and lacks the necessary attitude and perspective to turn things around. Comparing this guy to feminism is a bit like chalk and cheese, though, wouldn't you agree?


    Everyone is a first wave feminist. Unless you live in Saudi Arabia. Most people are a second wave feminist. The 3rd and fourth wave feminists who spout rape culture and the patriarchy are a controversial and unsupported even among women who identify as feminists. 

    So... you're saying not all people belonging to a political movement necessarily agree with everyone else who's part of that movement. How is this abnormal?

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