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  1. Grats Kim! All those F2P run-ins few years back and you only just reached 99 range tut tut ;)
  2. All you need to do is look at the top 10/20/30 clans thread and read the pages from 2005 then look at the posts from earlier this year to see how far the pking community in general as fallen from grace, a single clan being listed from the 2005 posts pulling 150+ people with over 30+ active clans to the drivel of today in which the few remaining clans would be lucky to have a cluster fight with that volume of people.
  3. Pretty interesting video, hopefully this system is a bit more technical than people being reported and then banned without any look-in on it, would be pretty annoying to see innocent people getting banned. But hey I've known so many people past and present, clan friends/ex-clan friends, people I've met though these very fan sites, who have botted and farmed gold that I couldn't honestly say many people are innocent if they are accused of such things.
  4. Mad? No. Just poking in to say hello and give you your first profile comment ever. ;-)

    BTW... FIRST!!!

  5. Didn't realise a new BXPW was due, damn i need to get with the times, Rares crashing noooooo.
  6. Banning any whole country is dumb, that doesn't solve anything.
  7. Used to never see anyone down at living rock caverns while i did my slayer assisgnments, but have noticed a huge increase of players/bots down there recently. Must be the reason for the crash in price.
  8. After all these years this thread is still going, fair play!
  9. Not used these forums actively in years now, can't believe i made this account 5 odd years ago, how time flies, didn't expect to be playing this game in 2011. Hi to you all!
  10. We did pretty well, wasn't that late for TR, ending would have been 11:30 GMT if they lasted the cap. They organised this fight also.
  11. We performed top notch, i tanked to 0 food on 4 occasions and TS was just on fire. Great job Solace :wub:
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