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  1. flesh crawlers drop TONS of fires. i got like 700 in 10 mins =P
  2. "This is so [developmentally delayed]ed!" (beginning with an ret, but it changed it to mentally challenged) LMAO!!!
  3. Lycos: 1. Myspace 2. Poker 3. Pamela Anderson 4. Paris Hilton 5. Runescape Yahoo 1. WWE 2. Paris Hilton 3. Wikipedia 4. Britney Spears 5. Jessica Simpson and Runescape is #8
  4. ill be the first to say this but woot! go wikipedia! lol
  5. about 1 and a half years ago (when i was like lvl 35 or somethin) i spent my life savings on full mithril armor. well sure enough this guy named th3man1 scammed me. he hasn't been on since like last year. (he didnt block em or anything lol) anyways, i had a friend named Vysell, we used to hang out falador and stuff. she hasnt been on for like a year. anyone know her?
  6. i fully support the idea =) its ur money ur spending
  7. i mine coal (like 200 at a time) then mine 100 iron. i make them into steel bars (100) and sell them 500 each so i make 50k each time. it doesnt take long either :)
  8. for 50-60 attack i trained on the flesh crawlers (lvl 35) in the stronghold of security
  9. i would get my stuff back, possibly some of his, depends if you know him in person or not.
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