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  1. I only wish someone would have told me that before I went and got 99 prayer like that. Guess I'll just have to start over and do it the 'good' way around this time. ;-) In all seriousness, I did say that this method likely wasn't very efficient even back then, let alone now. Whether it's 'bad', however, that depends on your perspective. From the perspective of maximizing efficiency and experience it's bad, yeah... But like I said, I wasn't too concerned with that. It got me to 99 without having to pay too much attention, and that's what matters to me. It was not my intention to call into question the use of a BoB, only I'd no idea how bank presets affected them. Even if my post only served to showcase how to absolutely, positively not altar bones efficiently, it has served its purpose.
  2. Both EoC and Oldschool have active communities. As to the subjective question which is better, that depends on which you prefer, I guess. I'm not active on Oldschool, but from what I've seen here and on other fora, it has a steady community and an active PvP clanbase (don't know about PvM). There aren't over 9000 people who have maxed out on OSRS (9007 on EOC as of the making of this post), and you start from a clean slate yourself. To some people that comes as a breath of fresh air: being able to train up their stats again, do quests again, to see the rush for first or second place in a given skill etc. Personally, I'd have to agree with Hedgehog/Meredith, though. I find it's more grindy than EoC-scape, which caused me to turn away from it. That, and the prospect of having to train up my stats yet again. The EoC community took a hit after the release of EoC - thousands of people quit. The rumours of its demise, as some would have it, are exaggerated however. There's still tens of thousands of players on every night. Plus, the botting/goldfarming 'community' seems to have taken a hit as well, which is a good thing. The PvP clanscene is as good as dead on EoC, but PvM is alive and kicking. If you haven't experienced the EoC system itself: it's not too bad once you get the hang of it (which shouldn't be too long), and like digunderme/Exp Nerd says: it makes a lot more sense in certain important aspects. As an ex-PvP'er I never thought I'd say this, but I actually prefer EoC over the old system. The old system was simple which had its own elegance, but it was also rather limited (not to say one-sided). I've played on and off over the past ten years and have savoured much of what the different 'eras' had to offer. I also recently came back to EoC after a hiatus of a couple of years, and I'd have to say I honestly prefer this era (say from 2011-now). The only thing I don't like about this period in the life cycle of the product that is RuneScape is the angle of microtransactions, but alas, that's the state of the industry these days. These are just my personal opinions, and well, you know what Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry had to say about those... Like digunderme/Exp Nerd suggested: give them both a whirl and see which you prefer. ;-)
  3. Wouldn't it be slightly faster not to bother with a BoB and just use a preset bank tab? When I got 99 a year or two ago I teleported between the GE and my house. Granted, it probably wasn't the most efficient option even back then, but it got the job done none the less. As I was semi-AFK (watching movies as the bones were offered) I wasn't too concerned with maximum efficiency anyways. I chose the GE because the bank there is one-click and is visible from where your teleport arrives, and so that I could check on the items I was merching if needs be. I had oriented my chapel so that it was located in a similar position to the house teleport arrival as the GE bank was located to the GE teleport arrival - didn't even have to rotate the camera. I carried a lava staff and loaded my inventory with a stack of marrentils, a stack of law runes and a stack of air runes. The other 25 spaces were dragon bones. Teleport to house, open door, light burners, offer bones, teleport to GE, bank, rinse and repeat. Again, this is likely not very efficient nowadays.
  4. I recently did 72-77 agility myself, also for RoTM. I did it on Ape Atoll using Skoll boots, and like balleydafrog said, completed any quest that gave a decent chunk of agility xp. On first glance at the 'available' quest list from the adventurer's log, there are three quests that immediately spring to mind which Atlanta can complete, provided he meets the requirements: Prisoner of Glouphrie grants 60,000 agility xp. Within the Light grants 35,000 agility xp. Branches of Darkmeyer grants 20,000 agility xp and three tomes of 50,000 xp which can be spent on agility. Unfortunately, Atlanta still has to complete In aid & In search of the Myreque, so this probably isn't an option as it's so far down the Myreque questline. Apart from that, Ape Atoll is likely the best xp from 70-85. The only thing for it is to stick to it. If you haven't already, use Skoll boots on agility for bonus xp. You most likely already have, though. Like BloodAngel said, put any prismatic stars here as well. Set small goals. Don't go for 73-77 or even 73-75 agility in one sitting - you'll be bored out of your mind and give up sooner rather than later. I know I would. Instead, set yourself a goal to do at least one hour of agility every day, and get the most xp you can in that hour. Listen to music or an audiobook to make things more bearable. After an hour, go do something else to liven things up. Don't pay too much attention to your xp counter, and don't count the laps you're running. If you do you will feel as if things creep along ever so slowly and you'll get bored and frustrated. Instead, right-click the agility skill and set level 77 as a goal. Pay attention to the % bar, not the xp, and try to aim for increments of 5%. This will make it feel like it goes faster. If someone else is on the agility course, try to race them in completing the obstacles. It's not much, but it gives you a small incentive to go around. There are probably more tips I've forgotten to mention here, but there is no 'short and sweet' way to do agility, I'm afraid. Good luck.
  5. With whom do you disagree? You. You are perfectly free to disagree, of course, but your explanation didn't actually disagree with anything I said - which is why you had me a little confused there. The basic premise of our arguments is to all intents and purposes very similar, if not the same - based on negative associations, and a disavowal of anything 'childish' because of peer pressure. Why do kids pick on each other? To appear cool to their social environment. In this context, trying to 'appear cool' and 'appear serious/adult' is basically the same difference.
  6. What makes it a bit of a shunned topic in many circles is the age demographic it's most often associated with. RuneScape is, for all intents and purposes, considered a kiddies' game. The rather patronising and often blundering way Jagex communicates with the playerbase also factors into this. Many of their articles are designed in a way as if they consider themselves to be talking to (what they see as) ten to twelve-year olds. In the end, it's not the game itself that is to blame, or Jagex' antics, or even the community. It's the meaning that is attributed to all these things that is pivotal - the association with childish and immature behaviour (cfr. Seignobos - signifier & signified). Once you grow past that stage, you'll notice that most of the people who look at it from that specific pejorative angle are generally people who are acutely aware of their social environment and want to be perceived as 'serious' and 'adult' - because of that they want to disavow any and all association with things that (what they perceive) are considered 'childish' and 'immature'.
  7. If you want to know more about the 2007 version, you can find more information about it in the thread about that topic in this same subsection. :) I'm not saying that to diss you or anything, it's just preferable to keep this topic from spilling over into other threads (the 200m one, and here). To answer your question, though: they are not removing EOC. Jagex has decided to implement an older version of RS (august 2007) separately - similar to how classic servers are still playable. From what I've read in the thread about it on this forum, the 2007 servers will be able to support about 100K players. The result will be two separate versions of the same game with the current (EOC) version still being the 'main' game. People can still communicate with each other (similar to how classic and current RS players can communicate), but you can only play (be logged into) one version at a time. If you decide to play 2007scape, you start from scratch - level 1 skills and empty bank. The "poll" is merely a means to garner interest, the decision had been taken before the poll was implemented. If you vote on the poll, you do get the first month of 2007scape for free, however. Oh, and the 2007 servers are going live tonight, unless I'm mistaken. More information is in the 2007 thread. It's a long thread, but the first few pages are probably worth reading through.
  8. Don't you feel sorry for Diango by now? Cut him some slack in this alt universe :P I just had a brilliant image of Diango moaning about how times have changed, and in his day people didn't need to pay for extra stuff. I think a lottery type system would work best for rares... Might upset some people as they think they deserve them for being RSC players, but it is the fairest way to give them out. I agree with PoorLepRecon. Why not just make every single rare (holiday) item obtainable from Diango for free, and make it untradeable between players? This mechanism would be similar to how you can get back any holiday item from him that you've found but lost. Or just get rid of them altogether. They were never supposed to be anything more than purely cosmetic items anyway, and there is absolutely no 'fair' way of giving them out if they're only obtainable through drop (from event in the game world) or lottery and trade (between players). A lottery is not fair either - it may be random, but only those people participating in the lottery stand a chance. Those who join 2007scape later have no way of getting one short of trading for one - and it's the same thing all over again. Jagex has always lamented the unbalanced effect they had on the economy (being in effect the most expensive items). If anything, this is their chance to start with a clean slate. What else is the point of everyone starting from zero (level 1 stats, no bank) if they're just going to chuck in a bunch of holiday items at random, thereby creating unbalancing effects in the long run? If you want to have them, just make them free and untradeable between players. Everybody's happy. Except for the people who had hoped to use them to gain a monetary advantage through speculation.
  9. It wouldn't really make much sense to put them in, though. Jagex has been mentioning for years how they never intended for rare (holiday) items to become so valuable, in the process unbalancing the economy. If anything, this should be their chance to get it right.
  10. I'm afraid you're bringing logic into a discussion where the principal argument relies on sentiment (nostalgia). I'm not saying that to dissuade your reply, because you do have a point, and I thank you for raising it - I'm just saying many people are argumenting from two fundamentally different points of view here.
  11. In theory, a goal of making money is indeed not necessarily incompatible with a policy of integrity and adhering to a certain ethos. In theory.
  12. I didn't know the large bag was potentially worth that much. :oops: I did read the update but for some reason I must've read over the figures. I was actually a bit surprised when I saw it amounted to that much, which I why I posted it. I had expected a more linear evolution from small to large (because I apparently read right over the amounts each could give). Most I've ever gotten (as a cash reward) was 50k (uncommon iirc) so for me personally, this is a rather large difference. :P
  13. 2041 total, large cash bag, 1 438 112 gp (1,44m rounded up)... To be fair, though, it was a rare prize (red).
  14. Biased video is biased. Correct summed it up pretty nicely, though. The game has been through some changes over the years, not all of them for the better. So have the players, though, they've grown up and either adapted or moved on. You can theoretically go back to RS as it was back then, but you can't go back to who you were in 2006. Besides, the core game mechanics haven't changed at all between 2004 (post RS2) and 2012 (pre-EOC). For all intents and purposes, 2006 RS would be pretty much the same as 2012 RS... At least as far as F2P and PvP'ing are concerned, which is largely what the whole '2006 RS craze' is on about. The community is gone and isn't coming back. In the end, this is going to go the same way as classic did. People will check it out for nostalgic purposes but since it's nothing 'new' and it's not going to be updated they will eventually become disenchanted with the illusion. You can't relive a memory.
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