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  1. to be fair, lots of wiggle room in that "mostly"


    also hi, i was going to hop in, revive the top 10 albums thing from over a decade ago, and then leave again, but I guess this place is extra dead now? Nice.

  2. I logged in to this forum solely to find some hint as to what my minecraft login was, because I still have that installed for some unknowable reason and their account recovery is garbage.


    The reason for this renewed interest in that nightmare factory of a game is because I am an adult that has lost control of her life and what better way to celebrate than with lego


    Also sonic mania is pretty neat. Unrelated, that


    and now i will vanish into the aether once more

  3. It's just been so much better than its predecessor within the first couple of hours that I have to wonder whether Tales of Zestiria was filler; it had a large scope and lofty goals but it seems so small and impersonal by comparison

    I'm maybe 10 hours into this now and it's probably going to dethrone Tales of the Abyss as my favorite installment from this franchise. They've really nailed the sense of intimacy between members of the main party; most of them are, simply put, awful people who would be the villains in any other story, but there's a huge focus on seeing them at least try to put their lives back together and find whatever sense of normalcy they can when everything else has failed them. It works as a perfect counterpoint to Tales of Zestiria's grandiose heroism: fundamentally broken people doing their best to reach their disparate goals in spite of it all, as opposed to paragons of righteousness rising above their own limits for the good of the world.


    Depressing, to be sure, but the theme is something I deeply appreciate for a lot of reasons.

  4. Picked up Tales of Berseria because apparently I will never stop being an edgy weeb teenager.


    It's like they finally got the hang of doing extremely fluid animation after two decades worth of stiffness, outside of battles (usually); within the first hour there's been a cutscene battle with more intensity than other installments' final battles. And for all the edge (did I mention the edge? Good lord this game is edgy, they literally just adapted Berserk without the gore and rape) it really isn't taking itself too seriously; there are a lot of moments of lightheartedness and humor and even the sort of sentimentality that I've felt has been missing in a lot of darker works lately.


    It's just been so much better than its predecessor within the first couple of hours that I have to wonder whether Tales of Zestiria was filler; it had a large scope and lofty goals but it seems so small and impersonal by comparison

  5. Ever look back at your old messages from ~10 years ago when you were a horny nobody and tried spitting the worst game ever to everyone? It's pretty hilarious/sad

    10 years ago? This was me last week

  6. Try Blender!

    Pretty sure that people who are good at modeling in Blender are actual wizards using actual magic. Pretty sure


    For those of us who can't peer into the astral realm to perceive the true form of Blender's UI, the program contains only suffering and the bitterest of regrets.

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  7. Grammar rules don't apply to the LGBt+QASDLEJDOAUELS labels apparantly :lol:

    Hey, when people keep denying that you exist and point to made-up grammar rules as evidence you've got to make do with something :-D

  8. Isn't it interesting that even if transgender and schizophrenic people are such minority that they make up a large portion of activity on this thread the last 10 pages?

    I got like... four or five posts in!


    That's literally what disrespect means though


    On a personal level yes and I don't treat trans people I know personally like that.


    But on a societal level what general society is obligated to accept its just that trans people have the rights to live without violence or discrimination, not [bleep]ing proper pronoun usage or theoretical understanding of the sex gender divide and how the theory around it differs from today verses from when Simone De Beavoir proposed it.

    We can't live without violence or discrimination if we aren't even allowed the chance to define ourselves on our own terms. This is little better than an echo chamber; one that doesn't even consider the very people it affects.


    You can't have it both ways. Acceptance means nothing if you're also rejecting the very foundation that acceptance is based on, or setting the terms for the people you're allegedly accepting of without their say. This is terrifying, coming from you. :v


    Do people seriously expect him to put America first? He doesn't even respect the people in it


    See my previous post if youre an illegal mexican, gay/trans, middle eastern




    tl;dr Culture swings from one extreme to another



    That said I feel that our culture has swung too far the other way with things like being judged negatively for not supporting Caitlyn Jenner.

    Okay, but if you're seriously trying to compare this nonsense to centuries of systematic oppression as comparable extremes, then the only real argument there is that you don't want to leave your comfort zone. There's nothing to argue there. It's not an argument. It's not even a point. it's nothing but privilege to say that "they called me names for disagreeing with them" is even remotely worthy of being considered in the same thought as "they literally want to lock me up and electrocute me until I turn straight, or they want to deny me basic human dignity because my existence doesn't fit in the little bubble they've created for themselves, or they literally want me dead".


    Because, surprisingly, rejecting bigotry doesn't come from the same as bigotry. If that was seriously the point you wanted to make, just say it. Don't dress it up in silly pseudo-logical arguments. Just say it and I'll drop the whole thing, because it's not a point that's worth arguing against.


    That's not even getting into the fact that the yam in question throws a temper tantrum every time someone disagrees with him. That's the point I was trying to get at in my previous post. This is a man who's spent the last several months attacking every imaginable minority over nothing; who the world is eager to forgive because that's just what men are supposed to do? I have a hard time his alleged economic policies are worth normalizing bald-faced hate, let alone encouraging it.

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  11. Trump has been more supportive of LGBT people than any Republican nominee in history. Romney, McCain, Bush, Dole, Bush, Reagan, etc. were all far more anti-LGBT than Trump. And all the Trump supporters I've interacted with online don't care about orientation at all, as long as you aren't pushing for laws to ban free speech they're completely OK with anyone of any gender, orientation or race. Trump winning is an extremely positive thing for LGBT tolerance amongst the right side of American politics.


    As for Pence, he's a VP. He won't have any significant influence on policy.


    Okay but have you actually read the republican platform on lgbt rights


    Or spoken to lgbt folks on whether or not the right is pro-lgbt (surprise: it's still really super anti-lgbt, milo existing didn't change that, sorry)


    Because the party that he's running for - the one that is now running things beyond just him - are just a tiny bit in favor of torturing the gay out of kids, as an official stance (Obfuscator, remember when you argued that the us didn't torture gay people? It kinda does, pence wants to fund it, it's legal in a lot of red states, conversion therapy is basically a human rights violation)


    And he's kind of going along with it, and pandering to the people that started it, and making promises about his supreme court nominee to them specifically. you know, the guy that's filling the empty slot on the court, who will end up shaping policy for many years after trump is but a footnote in history? The names he's named aren't exactly pro-gay


    And - surprise - a lot of his supporters are also violently bigoted


    This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood gay. if trump is pro-lgbt it's only because people like reagan before him had the policy of "sit back and let AIDS sort 'em out". Which happens to be Pence's policy, and the policy of a lot of mainstream Republicans, coincidentally.

  12. Is this seriously turning into a "the real bigots are the people that notice bigotry" sort of thing...? Like it's one thing to drag the argument into a completely irrelevant context and demand that it only be argued on those terms (teabagging) and another to try to derail it further with that sort of nonsense.

    I think I'll buy battlefield 1 soon. Anyone else play it yet?

    It actually looks... good? Like the plot is actually worth paying attention to and the gameplay looks solid? Like there's still some general shooter-balance weirdness but if it's still a generic military shooter it's one that tried super hard not to be. Granted, I haven't played it myself and I'm usually not big on shooters that aren't mobility playgrounds, so take that with as many grains of salt as you need.

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  13. I mean, can we agree that it's kind of creepy on behalf of the player? I would personally not want to interact with the sort of person who gets into a multiplayer game and starts groping other people, avatar or no. Like, dude, no. Don't be that guy.

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  14. Bear in mind that this is a game where basic quality of life and player health-centric improvements were decried as making things too easy. We've traditionally been saltier about an update aimed at preventing repetitive stress injuries than the fact that players can, and have(?) literally cheated their way to the top.

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