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  1. Congrats on 999. Nice realistic goals, too - maybe do something with agility also :-#
  2. I bet the loading time for that doesn't put a smile on your face. But get gold cw armour and rune armour stand for the best :thumbup:
  3. Congrats 8/10 since you're missing the other two buyables - runecrafting and agility (yes, buying agility tickets or super energy pots). :^o nice job :lol:
  4. ooh! I remember you from a couple months back :) Moving right along, keep it up and gl with rc and slayer my favorites :thumbsup:
  5. Oh noes ! :o come back and beat me :( Just rcing and slaying atm...I'll probably hit fletching hard once I get all the materials - currently have 11.4/12.5m headless arrows for 200m xp but idk the plan yet : :oops: Ty, and I'm not really sure about playing time it varied a lot with classes and part-time job :-#
  6. hehe : thx not very important update but finally finished all quests and and decided to do lumbridge/draynor diary lol also decided to get full lumberjack just because it looks hawt (took 4 hours)
  7. I'd say yes, my eyesight has probably been effected by being on the computer but my parents also have poor vision...so genetics probably plays a role as well. I'm not like blind or anything but I can't see very far away :( so I wear contacts or glasses sometimes. And if all skills were like prayer then I would probably have some kind of permanent wrist pain lol...but not yet ;) I have not received a message from jagex concerning the high lvl forum, so I can't view it yet :wall: I'm really surprised at the number of posts though :!: Thanks a lot guys
  8. lol :) People generally ask me when I started playing and yes, I may be an old-school player with all untradeable holiday items :lol: but this past year I've probably played on funihead more than I have total in the past years (I started in 2003 right before easter so I have bunny ears :)) here's tracker off of mIRC for past 1 year: -[uT]RuneScript- *** [ TRACKER ]: [All] exp gains for funihead in last 52wks: Overall(+241) +246,886,098 | Attack(97->99) +8,716,843 | Defence(90->99) +14,392,528 | Strength(99) +17,198,122 | Hitpoints(97->99) +23,617,561 | Ranged(93->99) +13,090,934 | Prayer(82->99) +10,809,601 | Magic(88->99) +18,590,937 | Cooking(99) +1,452,984 | Woodcutting(99) +311,614 -[uT]RuneScript- *** [ TRACKER ]: Fletch(99) +308,162 | Fish'n(86->99) +9,250,241 | Firemaking(84->99) +10,012,808 | Crafting(77->99) +11,538,013 | Smith(71->98) +12,216,335 | Mining(87->98) +8,830,492 | Herb(78->99) +11,522,807 | Agility(86->99) +9,235,665 | Thieving(87->99) +9,004,370 | Slayer(88->99) +8,707,446 | Farming(91->99) +8,006,104 | Runecraft(93->99) +5,986,324 I kinda regret making like 4 or 5 other pures that failed and didn't go anywhere...oh well :mrgreen:
  9. Really appreciate your sincere post and g'luck raising total :) L'd tyvm and keep it up, you'll do great ;) -Update: 700k from 99 Smith !~~
  10. Yes -rc -tie between rc/slayer -get ~50m thieve xp then rc :D - Its 42. No, it's 99 :mrgreen:
  11. ^ok, good lol :ohnoes: 90-94 smithing today (was already like 350k from 91 but not too slow) and 2370 total =P~
  12. lol @ cup_lion - thx, I'll take that as a compliment :D tyvm, I'm glad I was able to tough it out and get mining out of the way before I started on smithing and I might be the first person to save smithing for last but idk... and my bank isn't very great but might share it if I EVER was to get in top 21 overall :roll:
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