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  1. Got the TokHarr-Kal :)

    1. Ezkaton


      Woo congratsies!

    2. Kirschen


      Nice to see you achieving such levels of badass in my absence from the game. :3

    3. Saradomin_Mage


      TokHaar-Kal. Sorry! Had to do it :P

  2. Achieved 99 Strength!

  3. v Curses beat me to it.

  4. gallowsCalibrator, the guy who convinced John to skip to the 7th gate, because I'd do exactly what he'd do.

  5. Oh wow. That's magnificent. Definitely.

  6. Saw you looking at my profile too :D

  7. Happy birthday, old bean.

  8. Haha, thanks. Global Modding isn't that different, really. You just get a bit more freedom. Shout out to all the mods out there, you guys rock. ;)

  9. Heh, promoted, sweet. I guess that counts as 'more of me'?

  10. The kettle has boiled, the milk is provided, and I'm not afraid to use this Jammy Dodger.

    Alright, expect more of me shortly.

  11. Will will indeed will Will into being willing to will Will.

  12. Thank you, Watson.

  13. What's a bedtime? Is it a kind of fruit?

  14. I know, I just wish I knew what to comment about. :(

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