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  1. A 99 is a 99. Plain and simple.


    That is one of the most stupid things i have read on these boards for quite a while. A guy who got all 99 melee in rsc can not be compared to a lvl 126 pc noob who get hes levels in 2 months kicking portals, a guy who worked hes [wagon] off and used up sevral hundreds of millions of coins for 99 farming can not be compared to a guy getting 99 cooking in 5 days, just because he was in a mood to. A 99 is NOT a 99.


    The most stupidest? I think not. I agree that a guy at pc for 2 months isn't as good as getting it in rsc. But there are other options now. People are just using the method they want. If you have the money why not buy the 99? Is it the players fault that Jagex made those certain skills easy and others hard? If they want that 99 then leave them alone and let them get it.

  2. A 99 is a 99. Plain and simple. So what if it's easy? I also find that the people who say this don't have either one of those skills. Skill capes were made to encourage people to go for a 99. Like some other guy said they just do it for the skill cape. Well that is kind of why the capes were released... It is also strange that no one talks about 99 strength, seeing how it is more common than 99 cooking or fletching. All you do is a few hits at a portal and get paid.

  3. I like this update mini game is fun the mining thing though with the new amination stinks becuase when you go to mine rock in abyss it takes like 30 seconds to mine it


    I know. I use an axe now. I also realized that the axe is really fast too. I wished I used it before.

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