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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Very nice and detailed guide. *thumbs up*
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. It's alright. There are other games with the same gamebase, but this one is more complex, that's why i like it. It is still a little bit buggy, but that should be gonne when the beta ends.
  5. ElChris

    Sarixs' Blog

    To view my Blog, go to: http://forum.tip.it/topic/254236-sarixs-blog/
  6. Hi I am ElChris, and this is my blog. Please comment if you want. This is actually my 3rd Blog. This one is almost the same as my 2nd one. I started it new, because of the converter for the new Forums has made some unchangeable mistakes. :angry: My Actuall RuneScape Name: Sarixs My YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/El2Chris One of my hobbies is making cool stuff with photoshop. Those are banners, animated gifs, Graphics for my clan Terrovania (German speaking clan) backgrounds, fakes :D, new RuneScape items and much more... click here for the gallery News Going for 99 Fletching Air Guitar Emote Achieved! WHOOO! :thumbsup: Level 70 Summoning Achieved! --> Guthix Bird :D About Me About me in rlf: I am 18 year old and live in Austria (not Australia). Things I like to do is using Photoshop. If you need a cool looking Banner, Signature or an Avatar (even animated), just post here and ask me. Maybe I gonna post some of my previous Banners and Avatars here. About my RuneScape live: I started playing RuneScape when I was 14, that was in March 2006. I've been almost everywhere on RuneScape.[hide=Three animated GIFs of me (each about 600KB - 502 x 303 px)] My melee gear. My range gear. My skilling outfit.[/hide] My Stats Top 10 Skills Loots Treasure Trails[hide=] ...more coming soon![/hide] Other Achievements [hide=]green=done/killed yellow=half done/team kill/split red=not done/not killed Guilds Legends Guild Heroes Guild Champions Guild Warriors Guild Rangers Guild Mage Guild Fishers Guild Cooks Guild RuneCrafters Guild Crafters Guild Miners Guild Monastery Capes Fire Cape Skillcape --> Trimmed Skillcape Questcape Legends Cape Magic Stuff All 3 Mage Arena god Spells (Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak) Complete all 3 God Prayer Books (Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak) Lunar Magic --> Dream Mentor Ancient Magic PvP 1st in a Duel Tournament Fight Pit Champion Fist of Guthix Rating: 500 --> Fist of Guthix Rating: 1000 Bosses Corporeal Beast (level - 785) TzTok-Jad (level - 702) K'ril Tsutsaroth (level - 650) Graardor (level - 624) Zilyana (level - 596) Kree'arra (level - 580) Dagannoth Kings (3x level - 303) Kalphite Queen (level - 333) ChAoS ElEmEnTaL (level - 305) King Black Dragon (level - 276) Giant Mole (level - 230) Bankworth (=Money+Stuff) (28/12/09) Loots Sigil Hilt GWD Armour/Weapon (Best: Godsword Shard 1) Draconic Visage Any Dragon Item (Best: Dragon Platelegs) Any 3rd Age armour Any Barrows item (Best: Torrag's Hammer) KBD-Head Other All Melee Skills 80+ Summoning level 70+ Prayer level 70+ (current level: 64) Air Guitar Emote (500 Songs+) Barrows gloves Achievement Diaries 0=Beginners; 1=Easy; 2=Medium; 3=Hard; 4=Elite Falador 1/2/3 Karamja 1/2/3 Lumbridge 0/1/2 Fremennik 1/2/3 Seers Village 1/2/3 Varrock 1/2/3 Ardougne 1/2/3/4[/hide]
  7. You guys are spejding too much money! I had about 6 tries, and all just cost me about 700K!
  8. AH, I see you are retired. Well, these are the four spirit shields with their sigils on it. I made another one, called the Dragon Spirit shield. 2/10
  9. Guthix brings Balance! Balance is Power!

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