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  1. ah yeah thanks dudes, haven't been around in a while.

  2. He kinda earned it though.

  3. I'm a bit bored here, damn programming nonsense.

  4. Happy birthday dude.

  5. We all knew this postcount was coming one day.

    So how'd you manage 88,000 posts?

  6. Probably a computer science or IT major. It's one of the things I enjoy and am fairly decent at.

  7. Fairly well, just about to go back to college.

  8. has a lot of time to kill. Message me if you need anything.

  9. Ah, yeah, I got bored of the game and quit, probably just gonna sell the account.

  10. Sold account? err what? Fill me in here.

  11. Your beauty is as banal as your soul. You heartless wench.

  12. Wait up... a girl is going out with 5 guys, AND plays RS at the same time...?

    Damn that takes some skill, and I sense a spitroast in the midst of all this.

  13. Who the hell are you? :P

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