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  1. Nah, just been hardcore gamin. :P

  2. Zierro

    Were my gray hairs really that notable?

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  4. Yeah, I don't think she'll be too thrilled about how you tried to RACK UP another soul mate.

  5. Yes, I remember you. You were the only person I ever put in my friends list before they were even visible or profiles existed lol. Much different times, especially when it comes to Rants. :P

  6. You suck at not getting banned.

  7. Not into crusty boobs sorry.

  8. Not into goths sorry.

  9. What's good? Not your grammar, which has gradually been getting worse ever since you said you were going to work on it.

  10. Belated thanks. :P

  11. So it is. The reason I accumulated such a substantial amount of crust is because I had too many positive qualities to carry around all day, therefore I decided to even things out and add detrimental weight to myself in order to alleviate some of the burden.

  12. My culmination of genes and environment lead me to believe your thread had merit. Then my character kicked in and made me realize my ego is too handsome to let go to waste.

  13. Much obliged, you too, however I still have not gotten your acid in the mail yet.

  14. I always thought italics meant the person is currently typing on the thread.

  15. I bet you can't wait til you hit 100k profile views.

  16. Why? Am I really that cool?

  17. Yeah right. That looks like a fake number.

  18. Oops, I had my phone off. Try again.

  19. I'm bored with life. Tell me what to do.

  20. I want to see what you are doing.

  21. Because I don't like babies, princesses, or ass toads.

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