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  1. Stalking your profile, I find that I am almost 6 months older than you. /random

  2. GAHHH I NEED THE ANSWER! Google is not being my friend!

  3. @who_am_i :


  4. Happy birthday, Rach! :D

  5. :D Thanks, guys! My birthday hasn't been great so far, but it's getting better.

  6. Neunundneunzig Luftballoons!

  7. total level is 666... this is a potential issue.

  8. is pondering lunch.

  9. Hah, you have the exact same birthday as my cousin!

  10. To be honest, I'm not that politically involved/inclined because I can't vote, but to a certain extent, yes. (I like Sarah Palin more though)

  11. Trying to figure out how to get a job that I'll actually like...

  12. Happy Birthday Archi!

  13. Tea and Leaflets, Archi, Tea and Leaflets...

  14. I dun like teh new forums either. They are kind of evil to me at the moment and all the messed up button placing and the rich-text editor hates me.

  15. Have you ever heard of 'Kafka by the Shore' and 'The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles'? Atm I can't remember the author, but he's Japanese and the books are pretty interesting, to say the least. Weird, but amazing books.

  16. Happy birthday!

  17. Happy birthday!

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