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    the great white north, eh?
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    Ice hockey, manga, D&D, bari & alto saxophone, chainmail, medieval weaponry, rock music, graphic design, digital art, drawing, TET, TET events, German, German rock, Revolverheld, Muse

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I am a member of the Editorial Panel; if you have an article you'd like us to publish check out this link.


I play the bari and alto sax. I like fantasy/sci-fi books. I like manga, notably Hikaru No Go and Death Note at the moment. I read, write, and draw a fair amount. I have a Nintendo DSi, it's the best thing I've purchased in a long time. I also need a job. I like German a lot. I got a bass but don't really know how to play it yet.


I have a blog on TIF. Prepare for random and epic things. I consider myself a highly agnostic and libertarian person. I personally hate my federal government and most of my elected officials. Yes, I live in the US.


I've had type 1 diabetes since 2002. I use an Animas Ping insulin pump and a Dexcom Seven Plus CGM.

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