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  1. PuppyKing
    I found someone, and Im happier than I have ever been. :-)
    Next month is going to be a slayer month. Runescape Bits and Bytes is hosting a monthlong exp race for the skill of defence. Its not too late to sign up, so, if any of you plan to train defence at all this month, go join! http://www.rsbandb.com/skill-of-the-month
    I will be training slayer with my whip on controlled. :thumbup:




  2. PuppyKing
    And I would have to wait until tomorrow to get it back. But now Im thinking, should I just stop playing?
    I think I am addicted, not to the game, but to multitasking. 96% of the things I do on the internet are being done while gaining runescape exp. I have a runescape window open everytime I do anything on the computer. If I say, am watching a youtube video, I say to myself, "Why not have some ivy being cut at the same time? It doesnt require me to stop being entertained by this video."
    So if I stopped playing runescape, virtually all the things I enjoy on the internet would feel foreign to me. I consider myself an inhabitant of the internet, so basically my whole life would totally change.
    I dont think runescape has negatively effected me. It has in the past. (I used to stay up way to late to play) But now, its so intertwined with my life, I couldnt see a positive or negative self without runescape.
    So, yeah. Rambling, but thats what blogs are for. :thumbup:
    (and before you ask, I do log out of runescape when I am having my alone time. lol :razz: )
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