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I'm an African-American Computer Scientist, with a distinct interest in Computer Games. I have been intrigued by RuneScape ever since a friend of mine introduced it to me, and I still seek to learn just how well it works, and how it can do the things it does.


I've been interested in computers and computation since I was about 4, playing with various Apple II machines dotted around the kindergarten. This stayed dormant until I was in middle school, when I joined a magnet program dedicated to working with computers and machines. From that, I learned how to build my own machines, and while I haven't stayed as current with the times as I'd like to be, I do know some of the basics.


The languages I'm learning or already know now include C, C++, Prolog, Python, Java, and Bash. I do CSS, HTML, and PHP web design, but to a significantly lesser degree than the aforementioned.


I happen to run the Linux RS Tech Help guide on the RuneScape Official Forums. This was a pet project started by me about a year ago, and since I believe in helping others to the best of my ability, I wanted to give back and help the other RS players that were struggling with RS on Linux.


I also happen to have an affinity for gaming, if you couldn't tell by me playing RuneScape. I enjoy Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Dominoes, most any card game, the Ace Combat series, Mario, the Sonic series, and a handful of other games for the Dreamcast.


As far as musical preferences go, I'm eclectic. I'll listen to just about anything with a beat, save for Country music. My preferences include Jazz, Classical, and Techno, but if you point me in the direction of a good song, I'll probably like it.


Lastly, I enjoy learning other languages, and critiquing others' use of English on a daily basis. A partial list of languages I want to learn include Spanish, French, Japanese, and Farsi.


One of my major goals is to contribute in a significant manner to the Linux kernel, either by rewriting my shoddy wireless card driver, or by improving the user experience in Ubuntu by some degree.




Why I choose the name "Makoto D"



The reason that I had decided to go along with the online moniker "Makoto *" was really a knee-jerk reaction to me registering with RuneScape. The name actually comes from a character in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and I was impressed with her fighting style such that I chose that name.


Related: I had no idea that character was a girl until I beat the game with her. You really couldn't tell. Not on the Dreamcast.


I looked into the matter deeper, and discovered that "Makoto" means sincerity, truth, and/or honesty. I have been sincere, truthful, and honest, and I felt that this reflected the best in me anyway, even if it was purely accidental.


The "D" in my moniker represents the first letter of the best friend that introduced me to the game.

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