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  1. Hi Soph u prob don't remember me but ive just logged on after ages 2 the tipit forum its brought back good memories of days past, i stopped playing runescape ages ago, ive joined an English civil war re-enactment society its great, ive brougt my own musket & sword & go off all over the country & fight the parliament scum we then all make up & have a good time drinking in the...

  2. Heya Soph. It's been forever.. I honestly don't remember the last time I saw you on. If you ever do get back on say hi to me? Miss the good ol' fm days. :P

  3. Please respond, we're sick with worry! :(:(:(


  5. is that you doing that dance crusader? :P or is it soph? One is Soph and one is crus. Word of advise, NEVER get drunk when Den is arround, you never know if he has a camera. In other news Den's camera has gone missing :twisted:
  6. You can have it :lol: *Steels rum, blog, avvy, house, bank account and life* :
  7. His sig is too big aswell by the looks of it after all it has been replaced. Can I has da rum?
  8. Its in sammys house which is unlocked so help yourself :thumbsup:
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