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  1. Note: This story is entirely fictional. It did not happen to me or anyone I know. Here goes..... The sun beating down on Kiltik was nearly unbearable as he fine-tuned his archery skills on some bears that happened to be roaming about. The pelts, he thought, will put a smile on the face of that old fur trader. "But he shall have to pay well if he wants these pelts", he murmured out loud to himself. After a few hours of hunting, Kiltik had several pelts and a fair amount of meat. Climbing the hill to the Hero's Memorial, he stopped to rest, cook his meat, and bury the bear bones to appease the gods. Not that they'd ever helped him, but then they had never punished him either, so he buried the bones just the same. Sitting on the hill and eating a supper of bear steak, he looked wearily at his trusty old willow long bow and mused about how long he had had it. Then he picked up and examined one of his mithril arrows. He would have brought rune arrows, but this old bow just couldn't handle them. As he looked at the arrow, anger boiled close to the surface. The memories of how he had lost his magic bow were fresh in his mind. He had been up to see an old friend, Tony, at the bandit camp where the chef lived in exile and cooked for the bandits. Tony was teaching him how to keep from burning an anchovy pizza when several miscreants had burst in to the kitchen and caught him off guard. (He new many other names that he would have liked to call the men, but his training in the ways of the White Knights prevented him from speaking profanity.) The first of the villains, obviously a wizard trained well in the ways of Zamorak, had cast a spell on him, binding him and Tony in place. He was helpless to defend himself as four well-armed thieves beat him severely, stole everything he had, and left him for dead. He had lost his bow, his dragon-hide armor, several gold pieces, and they even took his pizzas. Kiltik was so deep in his thoughts that he failed to hear stealthy footsteps approaching until it was nearly too late. He grabbed his bow and turned to see two men suddenly charge him with dragon long swords drawn menacingly. Their howls and laughter filled the air with savage rage. Kiltik quickly drew a special arrow from his quiver. A green sticky substance glinted on the arrow tip in the setting sun. He drew back the string and let the first arrow fly. The raider laughed as the arrow bounced harmlessly off the bluish rune plate body he wore. Kiltik let the second arrow go, with similar results. The attackers were nearly on him when he thought to beg the gods for assistance. They had never answered him before. They had seemed to always favor warriors, giving them extra strength and accuracy, while he languished with whatever skill his natural abilities gave him. But now, alone, with weak weapons and no armor, he hoped that for once the gods would take pity on him. Despite his low expectations of what the gods would do for him, he called on them anyway. Suddenly, to his great surprise, he felt a power come into him. His muscles relaxed and his vision sharpened beyond his own abilities. His third arrow caught one of the attackers in the neck between his helmet and his plate body. A howl filled the air as the man stopped to draw an anti-poison potion from his bag. His partner turned to see the damage taken by his associate, giving Kiltik a chance to flee. Not south, out of the wilderness, but north. Kiltik didn't want to simply escape from his attackers, he wanted to teach them a lesson. After the anti-poison potion took effect, both of the attackers gave chase. If they were confused as to why Kiltik ran north, they didn't show it as their greed and lust for blood drove them to pursue him with a vengeance. However, their armor weighed them down and Kiltik was soon able to get ahead of them. When he had gained a considerable distance on them, Kiltik slowed to pull a vial from his bag. The vial was filled with a purple liquid. Kiltik found the taste to be foul, but now wasn't the time to be squeamish. As he trotted past some molten lava with the nasty taste of the potion lingering on his tongue, he heard the two attackers closing in on him. His little refreshment break had given his attackers time to nearly catch him. With renewed vigor, Kiltik dashed further northward. It seemed like he had been running long enough that he would have reached the gate by now. Just as he was nearly sure that in his haste, he had made a wrong turn, the saw the gate off to the right. Sprinting towards it, he was glad that it had been left open. Rounding the bend, he dashed through. There they were. They were bigger then he had thought they would be. Their fiery eyes immediately focused their superb vision on the small figure of Kiltik dashing towards them. Bellowing with instinctive rage the red dragons opened their gaping jaws and blew their fire at Kiltik. The potion worked well. The heat from the dragon's breath seared Kiltik's skin and singed his hair, but did no permanent damage. Dashing past the red beasts, Kiltik dove behind a large boulder and turned just in time to see the miscreants round the bend and dash through the gate. The sight of the dragons stopped them cold as the dragons abandoned their old prey to examine this new quarry. Armor glinted in the light of the fire started by the dragon's breath, making the thieves more attractive to the dragons. Gripped with fear, the thieves turned to flee from the dragons, but the dragon's reflexes, honed by millennia of evolution, were more than a match for the two men. Flames from the dragons scorched both men before they had run two steps. One of the men dropped instantly, while the other continued his meager attempts to flee the beasts. A second burst of flames, however, ended his struggles. Behind the rock Kiltik quickly gulped down a bear steak and dropped the furs on the ground. Those two would-be thieves wouldn't be needing their armor or weapons anymore, and Kiltik knew they would fetch a high price on the market. He grinned at the thought of buying a new magic bow. The Fur Trader would have to wait for his furs. Taking another swig of purple potion, Kiltik made a dash through the dragons to the place where the two thieves had fallen. Dragon breath surrounded him, but the potion protected him from the worst of the damage. He picked up the items on the ground in record time, then sped out through the open gate. When he had distanced himself from the dragons, Kiltik stopped to rest and eat another piece if meat. In a few minutes, he would begin the journey south to Edgeville where he would collect from his newly acquired booty, but first he had one small chore to do. He had to bury two sets of bones.
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