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  1. It's a theory. There is not proof for it because that would require them having been there at the time. The reason the theory exists is because there's evidence to support it.




    Why not look at the wikipedia page for it if you need extensive info?










    Theories can't be proven by experimenting. Being there "back then" has nothing to do with it.




    Laws can be tested over and over again.














    In an earlier post you stated that the greeks and romans "created" gods. You need to learn how to state your opinions a little clearer.






    When you make a statement like that, you are sounding like you KNOW for DANG sure that it is that way. You should use pronouns like "some people believe..." etc....




    I am not saying you don't have a right to you're opinion (I am christian). You most certainly do. I just say when you make points, to at least have some footing to do it with first.

  2. Indeed, I don't believe most people understand how massive the Universe even is.




    Like, according to the Big Bang theory, which could be false, of course, the Universe has been moving for 14.5 billion years at the speed of light...Do the math on that distance. :P






    Ok, I have no life. So I did the math.






    In 14.5 Billion years, going the speed of light, we have gone




    851,871,242,200,000,000,000 miles.


    ? ? 1T 1B 1M 100k 1k






    Note - This is only 8.518172422 E^22




    The number of atoms in 1 mole of a substance is 6.022 E^23 :)

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