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My name's Marco, just your open-minded and friendly person. I'm 18 years old as of October 1st, 2010, born in America with my father being Brazilian and my mother Greek. I've been involved with RuneScape clanning since 2004, maybe late 2005 I can't remember. Started off with RSB clans and found out RSC on a guide-search for skills lol. Picked a clan to join and thus my clan history started. The history below is only from Thomas1976/Kenshn X, not my other account which I had used from 06 to 09.




[(Genesis Knights)] - (Member, High Council) - (4-6 Months) - Originally joined on my level 115 account. Was promoted to High Council shortly after to help manage the clan, where I spent a good 4-6 months assisting and doing what was needed. Eventually, I felt as if the Leader was not supportive of myself, only wanting to have more members with attitude and ego problems. I ended up leaving, which I half/half regret.


[(Shadow Elves)] - (Future Applicant, Member) - (4-6 Months) - My next clan. Learned so much and really felt like this clan was just right. While I did not participate in the community as much as I wished, they had some great events while I was there. Chose to leave as I missed my old mates back in GK.


[(Genesis Knights)] - (Future Applicant, Member) - (1 Month) - At first everything was going good. Soon after I joined, the clan had some internal problems and inactivity spreading; closed soon after.


[(Solace)] - (Future App, Member | Future App, Member, MotM, Trial General, Elite Member) - (10 Months) - Being part of Shadow Elves and having known Dan (Zhandaly) for a bit, I decided to give this a shot. My time there was well spent, I had found a small clan that I knew would go far. I eventually was kicked for inactivity (was having a blast at the time irl) but I rejoined a week/two weeks later. I made sure to give it my all for this clan this time around and the staff noticed. I was Trial General twice, but during my last few months not only did I have Job Corps heading my way, but I felt distant from the clan and my mates were coming back to scape, so I decided to give them a shot. I regret the decision now, though.


[(Lux Aeterna)] - (Leader) - (1 Month) - I had thought that I had enough time before Job Corps to help establish a mid-sized clan. Job Corps swept me off my feet while I was putting in everything I could for this clan, which eventually led to its closure.


[(Solace)] - (Future App, Member) - (Present) - After a 4.5 month experience of Job Corps, which I completed, I decided to come back and rejoin the clan that I had the majority of friends in. Though leaving them, I know I have to prove my worth to every one of them, and during my FA time I plan on doing just time. This is also my last chance in Solace, which I plan not to screw up. Joined May 30th, 2011. Recently came back from being kicked out of my house in August (the 14th) and have been trying to get my activity up. Been back since September 28th, 2011. Hopefully this time around, I'm not kicked out again.




[(Team TKO Blitz)] - (Trial Member, Member | Trial Member, Member, Trial Warlord, Warlord, High Council, Leader, Legend, Elite Member, Retired, Member) - (26 Months) - One hell of a time here. When I first joined, I was not sure I could manage GK responsibilities and thus ended up leaving to focus on GK. When I left GK, I rejoined here. Though I was unsure at the time, I was urged to apply for Trial Warlord, and was granted it along with two others. Proving myself on the battlefield, I was promoted to Warlord for around 3-4 months. I was promoted to High Council to oversee things as my life was getting busier, then later to Leader during the Summer. I stepped down due to Job Corps and to make this short, came back, applied/was granted Trial Commander, then got kicked out of my house a few weeks later.


[(Silent Ember)] - (Trial Member, Member) - (1-2 Months) - I joined here for more experience in general and more warring events. I got just what I wanted. Pretty much everything was great until Job Corps called me in. Though I wanted to, I could not seem to integrate into the community, which happens a lot in a new clan/team where I only know a few people.


[(Team Aesta)] (Leader) - (2 Months) - I made this team in hopes of establishing a strong CW & PK team. Sadly, I got kicked out of my house for a month-month/half and this team closed down during then.


[(Octane)] (Trial Member) - (1 Week) - I decided I had enough time to join an upcoming team and I chose Octane. I've no idea how this experience will go, but so far, everyone seems to be pretty chill.

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