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  1. no. they don't increase or decrease your chances of getting 1. no affect there.
  2. i highly doubt that unless he barrows 24/7 and uses no pray pots or food.
  3. don't think anyone buys...but saphs prolly fastest but hard to get that many
  4. knights sword is a lot of xp and not to long =) then prolly buy iron bars like 200ea at grand exchange and make plates
  5. basically only for fun now. not worth it if your looking for money
  6. lvl 3 autoer keeps going to general store, and he has rick turpentine random, he kills him in lumby general store, then when he kills him he meets him over at lumb castle where he dies, and he goes back to general store, and gets killed over and over and over. i found it funny atleast
  7. 56 - 65 caged ogres 65 - 99 fire giants.' E Z
  8. if i died w/ tickets is there anyway to get them back? :S
  9. anyone know about what i can hit w/ drag bolt (e) and 97 range?
  10. im lvl 99 w/ 97 range what combo of rune/d'hide should i wear so i dont get owned. either: vambs & chaps w/ rune plate or vamvbs & body w/ rune legs
  11. f2p how many lvls will this get me,not picking up. also fortress guard or craft guild hobs
  12. good guide, just organize a little so its not in big paragraphs.
  13. i just did cowhides. can buy lots 100ea then dosnt take long to make into leather. sell 250ea ez - 1k = 150k profit
  14. 51339 d bones = 97.5m 85k steel bars = 49.2m 20k green dhide =30m last 70m save cuz id be busy for a while lol
  15. im 30 attack, 24 strength and 1 def w/ 44 hp where can i train to get 40-50 str? F2P
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