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  1. Hey, Went to add you to chat but you must have already changed your name. Our community Team Stats is a low key group of long standing friends, looking to recruit a bit to help our citadel. No requirements other than no drama! Feel free to hit me up in game and we can talk. My RSN is aafaafaaf. Matt
  2. They could edit the skin. Upping the font just a size, MAYBE two would be great. But any bigger than that, and the keyboard will mess everything up. Stupid things gets in the way on too many applications on my iPhone.
  3. It would be practically impossible to even get a correct percentage, because we don't have people logging every single drop they get. Any number you throw up, would be completely wrong. Unfortunately, we aren't able to track drops like they can with WoW, with addons like the loot tracker in the wowhead client, which makes drop percentages a lot more accurate. But, sadly this can't be done in RS :\
  4. Yes it is Cowman, there IS a small section missing in he large wall going down the swamp, so I would agree that the map you've drawn up is correct.
  5. It took me 6 world hops on my f2p nub, and 10 minutes waiting to finally be able to confirm this. I've noted it in notes, and you've been credited.
  6. Hey there, Thanks for your submission. This has been fixed and you've been credited.
  7. Am I the only one that finds that funny :lol:
  8. I'm getting numbers like this: Summ - Cmb - Charms 99 - 136 - 47 31 30 41 56 - * - 34 22 22 29 68 - 134 - 53 34 34 45 74 - 117 - 41 27 26 36 80 - 130 - 47 31 30 41 54 - 106 - 34 22 22 29 68 - 120 - 41 27 26 36 52 - 94 - * * * 29 82 - 130 - 47 31 30 31 Edit - * is info I was not given.
  9. From what I have seen so far 1-52 summon all produce: 23 15 15 19 And then it goes up from there. Edit - Reading a bit more into the above posts, that can't be right :| We(RuneScript) got the experience formula not too long ago, and jagex was rather cryptic about what gives charms :P
  10. @Lordofrah1 Actually it was Tip.it that came to us. We don't need advertising, and this isn't why we're partnered. Currently all tip.it gets is advertising through web, with some commands giving links to Tip.it's DB's, they gain advertising through IRC. Far from parasitic. @3_Hit_U We don't just give out the bot for people to host. That would be silly. You should think next time before you ask such questions. @Jenove SwiftKit is affiliated with Zybez and always has been. @monkeyguy139 The Tracker is still in beta, we've got a lot of ideas we'd like to get off the ground :) I like your click and drag idea for info, I don't know how feasible that is or how much "strain" it could put on the server dealing out so much data at once. As for our main site, we've already started planning a new design for it. So keep your eyes out for that. @Georgelemmons As long as there are three people in the chat, you can just /invite RuneScript #channel; and you should be set to go :) If all else fails, just ask in #runescape and I'm sure someone will help. As a last resort look for me (Matt|Matthew|Shwaffle) and I'll see what I can do. If anyone else has any questions, feel free to drop by our home net, http://irc.rscript.org/ - Join #help, if I'm around I'll help you out :D -Matt
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