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  1. There... got it :). http://i25.tinypic.com/b7evfa.jpg ~Mad
  2. Hold on.. ill get the link. ~Mad
  3. I tried to do anything with uploading the pic but.. still isnt working. Just guessing that is the forums fault? ~Mad
  4. It's 5 am in the morning, me and my friends walked around the city (after the PROM)...and thought that i should make a pic of that morning sky :P . Worked a lil with PS because the pic was almost DEAD :lol: . I am having some problems on uplading the pic, I'll try to fix it somehow. ~Mad
  5. Going to make a support list for the people who supports this list! Thank-You Bini for supporting this list a lot! :)
  6. Yea, I think that's a good idea to make a list with 55-80 combat. I want this list to be bigger than 200 f2p list..it seems unfair to me if someone doesnt see his rank in f2p..that's how I feel so I think its better to make this list bigger than 200 f2p player or 100 or whatever..I think you get my point :) . I'll add the names of the guys who posted now and thank-you! Keep up telling me the names :P . NOTE:Members or former members (p2p ex-p2p) can't join this list!! ~Mad
  7. No, you dont have to know the people that you're going to tell me to put them in this list. :) Lacrosse_fan I need to know you're runescape username to put you in that list. :wink:
  8. Emo Jak was one of my best friends.I always look him up in highscore's if he was woodcutting he wouldnt have the same total exp in almost 1 year!
  9. Alright it seems that no one likes this list but I'll make sure that i will change it after my breakfast because today is a holiday here in my country. I will make the list from combat 50-80, but I need you're help to make that list to :). I hope we understand eachother now :
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