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  1. I think from a player's point of view, one who played in the 2004-2007s era, when the game was still in a very "pure" and even naive form (and overall more fun, in its simple way, in my opinion) it seems like the game has become an exageration of itself, overcomplicated and that much less people are playing.

    But from Jagex's point of view, the fact is the game has never been so successful. I found this to be very surprising but the fact is that this past year was the best year for Jagex in terms of income, of which a significant part is due to runescape. Clearly, this change in approach to the game has been able to increase profit through well thought out revenue tactics (SoF, membership content, loyalty program).

    Even though I enjoyed the game much more a few years back - thus having been basically retired since 2008, only to play sporadically - I'm quite pleased to see that they are treating this game as a FIRM or an actual BUSINESS, as they should! And most importantly, it is working for them and, as a bonus, they've found the time to clear the game of bot parasites to a huge extent (thus also contributing to the perception that there are less people playing)

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