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  1. Hey man! Wish you the best of luck in a goal that'll hopefully motivate you to pursuit even harder ones after the accomplishment of the first :D You know you can always count on me for some KQ and Dk rounds, aswell as my slavery-related support lighting those last burners for your last prayer lvls :P Lub ya Bacioo
  2. Wow do I look hot in those pictures or what? Hehe, G'luck with those goals man, I'll always be here to support you (and eventually own you with my future pwnage skills?) Gl on those 670k slayer xp! (impressive huh?) :D Be joining you in some days, already getting bored of training magic... :P
  3. Stuck on an emote clue. Here is what Tip.it says: Go to the Mountain Camp which is east of Relekka. Find a tent with Jokul and use the "Laugh" emote inside, wearing the required outfit. Note: It will not work if you have painted your Rune Full Helm. A Double Agent will appear. Kill the Double Agent. Uri will appear. Speak to Uri for the next clue. I haven't done the quest and they don't let me go to the zone where the tents are. How can i access it??
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