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  1. Im doing well. Been living with my partner and house mate for a while now. Work's been hell but I'm looking into studying this year in either graphic design or Veterinary nursing. Mental health's been about the same but I've starting making plans to work on it.


    <3 you too Goon.

  2. Not too bad. I've been living on my own for about 2-3 years now in my own apartment. Looking to move in with a friend soon to make it a little bit more affordable. Been dating a guy for about 2 months now and things have been going well so far between us. I've patched quite a bit up with the family and I'm also legally changing my first name after July just out of personal reasons. Still haven't quite figured out what I'm doing career wise but I swore to myself to try and plan for something by the end of the year so I at least have a goal to work towards.

  3. and in every androgynous child and boys who like makeup. <3


    Had a guy verbally abuse the shit out of me on the phone at work after I told him we send laptops away for repair under warranty like EVERY [bleep]ING RETAIL STORE DOES. I hate people who honestly think they're so important that everyone should bend over for them and kiss their feet. People like that at my workplace end up getting the shade thrown at them by me when they try that attitude and it only ends with them sulking away.

  4. It sucks that David Bowie died but honestly labyrinth is a shit movie and most of his music is sub par at best. Cool fashion sense though

    I was always more of a fan of his artwork and fashion more-so then his music.


    Caved in and bought a ticket for powerball since they allowed AU to participate. Even 100$ would be nice so I can pay off my parking fine and buy my damn furniture for this place.

  5. My god, what a depressing day today has been. Mum went into hospital for cancer checkup, its thundering right now and David Bowie passed away.


    Even the [bleep]ing heavens are roaring in pain over his loss here. :(

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  6. Etiquette. I have a habit of calling anyone who looks under 25 "Sir" at work. mind you I raised myself with "old fashioned British etiquette" since my parents did jack-all.

  7. I think it's actually realizing I've managed to teach myself to get to that point. After having so many (though few) horrible encounters with guys, I've taught myself to NEVER have emotions for anyone. If by some rare hell I find the right guy, I'll know but until then yeah. I have no problem with it, it's just it's taken me so long to teach myself not to be so emotionally stupid.


    The odd emotional freakouts though I'm still trying to cope and fix. :\

  8. ohhhhh lorde'.


    I think I've decided I'm incapable of a relationship. After my new years binge drinking and sleeping with 2 guys I had no attachment to them at all. Like normally in the past there was sometimes a spark but this time It was just pure ecstasy and zero affection.


    WELP I've become one of those undatable gays now, time to buy 30 kittens and live on as a crazy cat lady. :v


    As for smells on the last page, I normally just use anti-sweat spray at work (the shirts we have absorb sweat so they stink anyway) and whenever I go out I use cologne, but I've sadly run out and I dunno what brand to buy this time.

  9. NYE 2.0 Party last night. Equally burned out, took a guy home, we both fell asleep in the shower and I broke the shower curtain rod and we didn't even end up having sex. :v


    Otherwise a good night.

  10. Bar fridge died while I was at work so the apartment stinks at the moment, 5 days before I hand the keys back over. I move into the new place on Saturday morning, I'm just finishing packing some stuff up. Internet doesn't get connected until Friday next week though. :(


    It feels weird, I've been living out of home for 2 years but only moving into my own PROPER apartment do I feel like I'm finally independent. it's also kind of a sad feeling like my family have forgotten me. I get a phonecall once a fortnight from my parents and once a month from my sister, but that's it. The rest of the family forgot I existed, and even then my Parents have only seen me for less then 6 hours this year but spend days seeing my sister.


    I honestly feel like I don't really have a family anymore :(

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