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  1. 5 fantastic albums that were completely overlooked (aka albums with 0 critical acclaim that I still really like): (they're all on spotify please save them, you won't regret it)


    Modwheelmood - Pearls to Pigs



    Janus - Red Right Return



    Abigail's Ghost - D_letion



    Repeater - Iron Flowers



    Acroma - Orbitals


  2. They put you in the psych ward for 3 weeks in Estonia? That's actually pretty cool, in Florida they only keep you for 3 days before they kick you out, which isn't nearly enough time to get treated. It's gonna suck while you're there, but I hope you take the treatment seriously and come out in a much better mental state

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  3. I think The Money Store is easily their best release. I think their later releases (especially The Powers That B) suffer from the same problem a lot of experimental bands face, where they just keep trying to experiment harder instead of applying lessons from their previous experiments

  4. Top 5 death grips songs


    5. Guillotine



    Quotable quote: "Yuh"


    4. Hustle Bones



    Quotable quote: "What whaaaaat"


    3. On GP



    Quotable quote: "Listen up, you nosy [bleep]"


    2. I've seen footage



    Quotable quote: "noided"


    1. Hacker



    Quotable quote: "The table's flipped now we got all the coconuts [bleep]"

  5. [hide]I think someone on Reddit said that Jorah was written off for a season so he could film some other movie, so that was the motivation for the whole grayscale thing.


    I'm actually kinda upset about Sandor's arc. It felt like they were building up to him realizing that violence isn't worth it, and I would've felt better if he said "[bleep] it" and retired in Dorne with all the chickens he could eat [/hide]

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  6. [hide]I feel like D&D are the only ones who care about Dany's storyline so we're sitting here like "I get it, she's the mad queen, what about literally everyone else we've been watching for almost a decade?"[/hide]

  7. I'm assuming the color puzzles are just cmy + rgb like in MEP2, right? Which should be accessible to color blind people, especially if you can examine (or whatever the equivalent is in your game) the beams

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