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  1. and this quide should be called USING THE ABYSS SAFELY! [PAUSE] NOT
  2. Nemanja is my neighbor and he's just trying to insult me :P He's not even a member lol... Well gabriel, I am a member and I did insult you you nub. Since I am your neighbour I can tell these people how much of a coward you really are. I've seen you go pking, it's not a wonderful site if you ask me... attacking your own team -.- Well, what happened to your 99 smithing plan noob :shame: you aren't even half way there and you quit... what happened to I can get any skill 99 now since I got RC... and what happened to 99 theiving... you quit it... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB oh yeah and stfu n00b make a new guide and try to actually make us learn something
  3. Well my friend told me there untradable..., if so how do i get them and should i get that at 81 cb?
  4. Ostro please go into detail, I don't know how many times I've seen noobs like you post topics like this . . . the abyss is not safe at all no matter how many noob techniques you use. :uhh: This is why I am going to rate this a 1/10 because at least you wasted your time doing this. #-o Alway right click the pker It's a wise idea to be entering the abyss with high magice def Learn to type properly you noob \
  5. ummm cant you already become a bunny and hop around in mems?
  6. What level do you stop burning lobsters with cooking gauntlets?
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