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  1. Well i dont like hyper beam best but was the most awesome move from silver/gold. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDdm9Z2D_WA (its not the best quality but its the best one i could find) Anyways, my favourite move was probably a tie between icebeam, super/hyper fang and dynamic punch (all the silver versions coz the moves seem to become more 'boring and smooth' in the later games)
  2. I used to have this problem too. You have to press start and change the gametype to whatever you are using the map for, then place starting points not just respawn points. You have to do this for each gametype you wanna play on that specific map.
  3. I found the easiest way to get achievements was to not try to get them and they would come unexpectedly. Frenzy was one of my first to get and i didnt focus on it at all.
  4. Must have done a lot of double xp games
  5. fingers crossed for diablo 3 :mrgreen: :thumbup:
  6. In halo 3 on highground i was trying to get mongoose mowdown which is one of the hardest achievements especially taking in xbox live lag. Anyway it was in 5 player FFA and one of my opponents realized what i was doing and would deliberately target the defenceless mongoose driver (me) every time. After being killed roughly 5-8 times by him in a row i was speeding down the beach and he spawned right in front of me...i got the achievement and revenge. :thumbsup:
  7. Well i got steppin razor on The Pit during a crazy king gametype. Its easier on king of the hill games because everyone is pretty close to each other.
  8. With the map pack definitely foundry but with starting maps it would be the pit.
  9. My advice: Do Not Buy A Core System...see look what happens [WARNING! Following comic contains some rough language. -Abelmisi] http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/comic.php?d=20050914
  10. i downloaded the demo from live but it didnt really appeal to me....maybe thats just because i have never really played skating games since tony hawk 3 on gamecube :D
  11. The best are definitely Dawn of War, DoW: winter assault and DoW: Dark crusade.
  12. well it depends on your screen size....anyways, anyone else had the problem of 1 per tv for system link?
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