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  1. all for good reason frank :)

  2. hope chemistry went well for u :)

  3. School wouldn't let me keep it. Did it to raise money for charity, but had to get rid of it after a couple of weeks

  4. Problem officer? >:D (long gone though :( )


  6. barking at u cos i can

  7. missed you by 5 mins, rage T_T

  8. happy birthday, missing you loadss

  9. ah zaiddyyy, we need to catch up!! Good things from ur a level results one hopes? :D

  10. (smirk) i wonder who!

  11. i dont like this that you are not red. i demand this to be fixed!

  12. honey yeah i got lost in your BROWNNNNN EYESSS.

  13. your ever so kind!

  14. we need to catch up :)

  15. grab someone sexy, tell em hey!

  16. i miss you :(

  17. Hes a gay man now.

  18. But i still like you anyway :)

  19. tip.it wont be the same without das as admin :(

  20. zaid is hot stuff

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