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  1. Very good guide. :thumbsup: Just one small thing i noticed on the mining section, varrock armour 3 and 4 definitely work at granite but it only helps up to adamantite ore when mining rocks.
  2. nice guide looking forward to trying this on my next slayer task :)
  3. I can only view the first monster all the rest don't load, i like this guide tho i found it very useful for wyverns. Small note for wyverns the bones are worth a lot more due to the herblore update so it may be worth banking more often.
  4. pictures still aren't loading. :( Other than that good guide :)
  5. you can also get spare camulets if u drop the one you are carrying when getting replacement. They stack in the bank. But u only get one set of charges for camulet. i.e u uncharge a camulet draw another out of the bank that will have no charges either.
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