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  1. [spoiler=Tip] If you're going to do that you should use the edgeville teleport. It's faster and you don't waste a teleport tablet going there each time, and with high enough agility (i don't remember which level it is) you can use the shortcut between edge and the g.e. to sell your white berries faster.
  2. wow nice account you got there. 60k exp/hour total? How the hell did you do that? Will check this from time to time :P
  3. Nice skills and bank :) but i was weirded out by your statement... If so why not do mahogany planks? It's not like you don't have the cash :P Good luck with 99 construction!
  4. Yeah but would i be able to keep this up consistently enough for xp rates to be worth it? Because the last time i did heavy rod fishing and alching at the same time i was using mouse keys. What would be the rates per hour at heavy rod fishing with that setup? Thanks for the help so far.
  5. Could you post your fishing level please? Yeah sorry about that, i'm 89 fishing.
  6. Pretty much what it says on the tin. I would rather not use mousekeys if possible. • Could i still low alch (or is it hi alch) the fish and do barbarian fishing? What are the xp rates? • Is it worth fly fishing? • Are rocktails good? And if so at what level? I'm 89 fishing Thanks in advance.
  7. There's no way to find out when the ge updates.
  8. How do i apply to be in the clan? Just show up in the clan chat?
  9. Lol i did it last night. Just wasn't getting the whole "endurance" theme to the fight. :smile: Thanks all.
  10. I've been trying to kill the Queen in the quest The Void Stares Back and i just can't seem to kill her. Is there a special strategy that i don't know about? I'm 120 combat btw, and yes i do know that when she shakes the whole thing i use the special on her, and to attack the defilers, but even doing everything right, i get hit quite a lot. I usually run out of food before she's even at half hp. Help please?
  11. [spoiler=your post] The last one is fake. Notice the difference in the 4 of the 24 yellow phats and the 4 from the 14 red capes and 4 frog masks. the difference is minimal but it's there. as for the first one i think it's very real, and that's what's scary about it :shock:
  12. dirty? lolwut? thanks for the nice comments :grin:
  13. Now for 2200! Rate/Hate you know :smile:
  14. Burzuk

    Shadow Silk Hood

    Seen 2. Saw my 1st and was lucky to grab it as soon as the spider dropped to the ground (other guy was jealous :P) and saw one last week and gave it to one people in my team, no point in not sharing them tbh. Felt kinda bad as only we were 5 guys only I and other guy had hood when the spider dropped to the ground, i was the only one around and grabbed it. then i announced it and 1 ragequit because i didn't give them it :mellow:
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