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  1. According to literature, it has Java and a Web Browser. Can it run Runescape? If yes, can it run Runescape well?
  2. In my mind, Runescape's learning curve looks like: with players experiencing a Yield Strength near 616 MPa and hardcore players reach an Ultimate Strength of 882 MPa. After enough Stress, players tend to reach their Failure Strain near 25.5% Source
  3. So you admit that the very first line of your original post is a lie... How do you expect us to help you when you lie to us?
  4. Yes, they are great. However, they are only great if you're an avid PKer and get these as a byproduct. They are definitely not worth the time of hunting down for the purposes you described alone. You can easily do a simple task like cooking 4 loads of sharks much faster at any bank than the time it would take to obtain the gloves. If you already have the gloves, they are great. They are like an extra bonus for training your skills as a product of pking. But pking just to get the gloves is not worth the time.
  5. Not doubting your judgement, but can I get a +1 confirmation?
  6. Yeah, but the Larupia is native to that hunting location. Does the +2 hunter outweigh the benefit of extra camo?
  7. Cool. For Chins, is a Spirit Larupia or Arctic Bear better? (I'm lvl 80 summoner)
  8. That seems inefficient... laying 4/5 boxes near 3 spawns seems better than just 1 spawn, presuming the little guys can't run too far away. Is this what hunters do now?
  9. Back in the day, which was a Wednesday by the way, the best place to hunt Chinchompa's was near the black wall/ edge of the world near the Larupia hunting expert. I haven't hunted since the release of "As a Last Resort", but I have noticed while passing through that the world has expanded and the black wall that kept chinchompas from running west no longer exists. My question: Where is the best place to hunt Red Chinchompa's today? If anyone has a link to a chinchompa-spot guide, that'd be great. I don't need a tutorial, I'm still lvl 77 from last year and doubt there have been any updates to the process.
  10. Bunyip eat raw sharks <-- very useful at Waterfiends tyvm
  11. Those methods all work... slowly. In my opinion, crafting Blue D'hide Bodies are the best way to level crafting (currently lvl 80 and will be 85 when I finish my 6k bodies this weekend and get my clockwork cat). You don't make money - you lose money. However, the exp/ hour is fantastic. Don't try red or black bodies though, the cost/xp ratio on those fails in comparision to blue bodies.
  12. Not true An intern for one of my local radio stations got arrested on Halloween for trick-or-treating in a Bumble-Bee costume at 7am.
  13. It's just the market over-reacting to the election results. Honestly, Obama won't hurt the RS economy that much...
  14. If you can afford it, use Bando's chest with Verac skirt at 88 def, i get 10-12 kills per trip Pray piety only
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