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  1. naaawwwww <3 that was so sweet and shouty

  2. Doomy's viewing your profile and posting, but Jimmy_jim won't read this because he doesn't have your back (or your front, of your left side etc).

  3. james jim jimantha

  4. card games on motorcycles!?

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      That DOES sound like a doomed prophecy... Next to be heard would be "People playing card games on motorcycles end up in hospital; Cards end up all over the place"... o_O

  5. Ireland, thats all I have to say.

  6. it isn't an S its half the default profile picture turned upside down not even lying

  7. Well, I'm not even an observant so there.

  8. Interests:


    Abusing your admin powers what?

  9. Hey man do you live in Kaikoura while not at uni?

  10. ... I think that's NZ's first game of the summer as well. Seems really late. And no, I don't plan on going to Aus or watch Aus own NZ :<

  11. December 1st.

  12. Well since you asked, yes, the person with red hair does in fact say that.

  13. your name doesn't look right in red I'm sorry

  14. a challenger appears

  15. i love you

  16. don't lie. you have fed me these excuses before.

  17. if you ignore the other pages almost every comment is by me, whats up with that man. its like you havn't had any friends say anything on your page since 5mins ago.. except me. really shows we were measnt to be together man.

  18. only 2 comments to go!

  19. Can you change my display name to jim_jimmy

  20. you better be messaging me :<

  21. Currently:

    Using Personal Messenger

  22. yeah me neither must not be an important place

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