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    I'm looking at a pretty good, then crap 7 days ahead of me. Tomorrow, I leave for a regatta about 3 hours ago. This will be our first race with the finalised 8, with me in it, being the only new person in the boat from last season. I expect it to go very fast, and we should win tomorrow. So, I'll be away for 3 days D:
    And, school starts again this Tuesday -.- Argh... Ah well had a good break.
    And I Jailbroke my iPod Touch. Nice having a background :D
    Also, if anyone wants a Lockerz invite, drop your email here or PM me :)
  2. Ouchy
    Hello there everyone, this is my first entry to my blog, in what shall hopefully be many more to come from it. The main reason of this blog, it to get back into the Tip.It Community again. Ever since about the middle of last year, I have stopped become a frequent poster here, where I would post possibly 50 comments a week. That number has gone down to a average of 2 a week. Indeed, that is a very big drop, and there a few factors that lead towards it, but anyway, that's behind me, and I am going to attempt to at least be half as active as more former self. Although, I never will again, seeing as I don't play the RooonScapeh. :thumbup:
    So, how has life changed for me over the past 6 months:
    My life has changed drastically, from one key factor. Joining Rowing. I used to be some semi-lazy guy, that was kinda fit, but kinda wasn't. When I started rowing, my beep test was about 8.5. If anyone knows what a beeptest is, that is pretty average. I used to sleep in all the time, and have many late nights. I wasn't really proud of my body either. Now with Rowing, I have gotten a lot fitter. My last beeptest was 12.5, which is a massive increase. I am now more proud of my self, and I am no where near as weak as I was before. I am no longer lazy, and late nights are thing of the past for me, simply because, I have to get up early. I can easily say, that joining this sport has made me easily a better person. This is just my first season, I look forward to what the others hold.
    [/motivational boasting]
    So yeah, that's kinda me for now. I'll post another blog fairly soon, and hopefully, you'll see more of me round the forums.
  3. Ouchy
    In my last post, remember how I said my week was going to go from good to [cabbage]? It went from [cabbage], to [cabbage]ter.
    Our coach resigned. Why? His grandson who is short as our Coxswain, stroked it. All the parents got pissy about it. Then, our coaches son in law, his grandsons father, threats members of our squad. So, he quits, due to interference.
    We have no coach now. It's going to be a hard few weeks.
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