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  1. Graphics wise those dragonkin look so out of place there its like someone just copy pasted them from some other game. I don't mind their new look but showing them in such an outdated area makes them look a little weird IMO. Very excited for the quest though, did WGS on the day of release and planning on doing RoTM as soon as its released as well!
  2. Got this one today, at least Ill be able to catch all huntable creatures again :) Did the barehanded butterflies from 85, because they required little attention so I could watch movies while hunting Quick question though, about the herblore habitat: Are you able to gain the mask and a piece of the witchdoctor clothing (top/bottom) in the same week?
  3. Now that is an xp rate that sounds worth my time :) Any specifics on the jadinko hunting; should I hunt a specific type, what gear would I need (I take it itll require scentless potions again), and is there a single best spot in the area?
  4. Tieszen, could you post a picture of you set up your traps and what bait you use in which? Also, are the scentless potions buyable? For now Ive started the barehanded butterflies, but im not too sure the xp rate is all that great, not to mention its rather boring. On a final note for today (since its bedtime for me); How much xp are the jadinko things, because Ive heard figures of 150k/hr but I have no idea whether these are correct and how much work it would involve. Thanks for the replies so far by the way :)
  5. Are butterflies viable at 85 hunt and if so, what would be the best spot? About Pawya/Grenwalls, I know its possible to get around 60-70k/hr there, as long as you have the right setup; I also know its a lot of clicking so not as interesting as other methods when it comes to that. Problem is I'd need the right setup, so if anyone is willing to share it that would be great.
  6. The last time I lvled hunter must be over 2 years now, I can remember I was still ranked top 10k when I got 85. Since then there have been introduced quite a number of new ways to gain hunter xp, either very fast, very profitable or some kind of compromise between those two extremes. As I want to lvl hunter to at least 90 on short term, could some of you more experienced hunters enlighten me as to the (reasonably obtainable) xp rates, potential profits and best spots/setups etc for the following techniques; 1: Pawwya/Grennwalls 2: The new area on Karamja 3: barehanded butterflies (as far as Im aware these are only good starting at lvl 90, but who knows) 4: any other methods that might be interesting to me Any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Actually, the butler now has an option to be paid directly from bank; hence you can take 6 hammers, a stack on noted planks and a saw per run. Personally, I take about 35-40 mins per 6 hammers (which is a little over 300k xp). Since the hammers can not be noted, you will have to bank every 6 hammers. Use the english-style butler,he unnotes 20 planks at a time and usually returns within 2 seconds after I tore down the 2nd door, which is perfectly fine.
  8. Altar isn't too hard to reach with a digsite pendant; also, when recharging prayer at house altar, you get asked if you want to switch back to normal prayers or not. Btw, if I read correctly during the quest, shouldnt removing the item from barrows stop the prayer drain there? Has anyone tested that yet? Or did I just read wrong <_<
  9. Gotta wait till tomorrow so I can do the penguin points and pick a papaya/coconut. The lvl 3 rewards arent very impressive, I hope the elite ones are better!
  10. Maybe stretching things too far here, but didn't some people encounter elves outside the barriers in the meeting history quest? It would tie in the going west part of the elves with the 'old' friends part. I hope it's an elven quest sequal/tie-in to ME part 2 though
  11. Stones might relate to Arposandra (the stone city) Just throwing it out there :ohnoes:
  12. Stones might relate to Arposandra (the stone city) Just throwing it out there :ohnoes:
  13. Personally for the lunar crafting I was thinking of using a terrorbrid with scrolls. Is it really worth using an abyssal familiar? Thanks a lot on the outfit tip, thats the sort of new info I was looking for :D Sounds like Ill be best off going with ZMI then, any special advice on outfit and technique for that?
  14. Thanks for this, but these were all basics I was quite aware of. Zarfots guide is believed to be quite inaccurate due to him just multiplying his quickest runs, making the figures somewhat surreal. Im wondering what figures I can expect without me being discouraged after an hour and wondering what the hell I might be doing wrong.
  15. Right now I have 84 runecraft (since 80 all xp has been reward xp from WGS and from cashing in penguin points really), and I have been thinking about getting 91(+) somewhere in the near future. I used to runecraft by using the abyss and then crafting natures, deaths and bloods (whichever I ended up closest to in abyss). This usually yielded me about 20-21k runecraft xp per hour. There are of course a number of other methods, hence the following questions to all you more experienced runecrafters out there Astrals - What is the optimal method for making them (as in, teleports, familiars etc.) and what xp rate could I expect there ZMI - What is the xp rate here, and in your opinion does this xp rate justify the money 'loss' from not using other methods? (feel free to provide elaborate mathematical models to prove your point!) Graahk - I rather not use this method as Ill most likely be paying plenty visits to the nature altar once Ive achieved 91, but if you really think it by far outmatches the others, feel free to elaborate as well Im sure there are a number of good runecrafters out here so Ill be looking forward to your replies!
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