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  1. Also, even though you didn't put a lot of information for the Mogres, I've found a way you can stay there untill your assignment is complete.








    I am currently in the middle of my 117 mogre assignment, when I thought about it, and I remembered that they drop raw fish very consistantly.








    Items needed for this method: Axe, Tinderbox








    There are willows down by the dwarfs house, so go cut about 2-3, pick up all your raw fish drops, and cook them every once in a while.








    This method is obviously for people who can't get through the assignment unscaved. As for me? I like to be on the safe side.








    Just thought you'd maybe like to put that into your guide, if you even read this far down on the thread.








    10/10 as far as the guide goes, I am using this, and plan on using this for a long time, good work! :thumbsup:




    Thanks for reading,





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