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    But let me tell you this, that it's not what people believe is a great achievement but what you think is. In otherwords, if i liked Fletching i would love Fletch cape no matter how easy it is![/b]




    P.S: I noticed you didn't bring up 99 prayer on that "Great achievment" list of yours? Wonder why...




    Exactly. I don't think that killing 900~ wraiths is worth more than a 5/10. As you said, it's what I think it's worth.




    99 Prayer is buyable. It's very cool, yes, but I'm much more impressed by a Slayer cape. It's all opinion, really.




    and please, dear lord, tell me that farming isn't under the buyable skill list...




    takes more effort to get 99 prayer than farming, as with farming, sure it takes a while, but you can do other things.


    so don't even bring other skills into this topic.


    let it be.




    i'm going with 9/10.


    although i know not how hard these things are to kill because i haven't been a member for quite some time, it looked like a challenge from day one.


    i've yet to see anybody rack up the kills to the extent that you did, so that is what this rate is coming from.


    and while i find it very impressive to have killed 972 i think you said...i still think you should saddle up and get that 1k. i'm not sure about how your brain works, but if i were to fall 28 short of a goal of 1k, i'd feel so much better to get it.


    whatever road you choose, goodluck, and congrats on the 8m and the completed goal.



  2. [sarcasm] good job on not being on in forever [/sarcasm]










    I just don't feel like I'm forced to play every day all day to catch all my friends who live half way around the world, that's all. Oh and you rarely come online too.






    Looking to update blog tomorrow morning/noon. Too tired today. Watch this space soon.








    You still gonna be on Viking?


    Playoffs still, so won't be on much as of now.



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