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  1. to get my account back have all autoers kill there parents and commit suicide, become a j mod so i can spawn my own blue party hat (yay for ::pickup 1042 1) to be able to slowly torture beggers and to fix the community.
  2. randoms are good for interrupting pking sessions to get you killed so the other player can get your stuff since its good for the "Economy" (A.K.A the 25 gp coming in every 2 seconds when a new 9 year old comes to ruin the game. Randoms are good for annoying players that have rares to make them frustrated and quit the game because if they have rares they could ruin jagex's precious economy. randoms are good for annoying people who don't know every single word of the english language e.g the sandwich lady, what the hell is a "Bagguete". randoms are good for taking up tons of your time e.g evil bobs freakin island, minimum time = 8 minutes that i could have spent fishing. randoms are good for coming out frequently and giving you terrible rewards e.g the mysterious old man, gives 20 gp, appears every 20 seconds. randoms are good for hardly ever showing up when they have a good reward, e.g mime, good reward, shows up once every 6 months. randoms are good for being there at the wrong time, e.g, killing a barrows and suddenly a drunken dwarf shows up "ello matey" and if you dont stop fighting the barrows and talk to him, the dwarf kills you, and if you talk to the dwarf the barrows dude will kill you or attack you wich stops you talking to him, wich leads to the dwarf killing you. And thats what randoms are good for, THE END
  3. Dont quit, do what i did when i realised my friends were idiotic kiddies, turn off your public chat privat chat un add every one on your friend list add them all to your ignore list and never speak to any one again unless buying or trading, and if some one ever asks to be your friend immidiately add them to your ignore list. It works, trust me.
  4. anything else? Thats er... alittle plain ? My edit: Place: Wilderness It has snowed recently. Dragon is fighing someone, breathed fire and melted snow... i'll do some linework - its easier to explain you cant ask not to be flamed if you do that, your bound to be flamed if you dont just do what there asking and say "its a bit plain i will edit it a ton and completely go out of your idea", if the person wants the dragon wih sky background then thats want they want, they dont want you saying its too plain and editing it.
  5. No need to spam. And I see you have ripped an avatar. :| and he didn't edit the name out of the avatar either, lazy sod he is. :notalk:
  6. a water dispenser, according to my friends i dont drink enough water :-k 2.5 gb of ram 8-) a ton of books :-s clothes all the elder scrolls games \ and a watch
  7. when the sandwich lady hits some one on the head, it hits there hair. The bagguets (or what ever there called) must be covered in nits and little pieces of hair, image eating that.....-100000 mil hp
  8. i have just seen the english language be gruesomely tortured and killed.
  9. i looked up my name and found a load of porn sites i am registered to. :-w :-w
  10. something about that sounds...wrong :uhh:
  11. they've deleted all of my posts on this thread :-k :-s -.- :-s :-k EDIT: now there back :-k
  12. they cant have "happened to take a picture of a f2p with a broken toy" since the picture was drawn on an art program. To oreo they can glorify members without degrading f2p so much, such as f2p sitting down bored or some thing, and members fighting a dragon, some thing like that, not some thing so harsh.
  13. Yes jagex is trying to show f2p how much better p2p is but there degrading f2p in the process, viewing f2p as a broken doll or some thing that you would usually throw away at the slightest sign of uselessness.
  14. Lol, yup. Their game, their rules, it's that simple. It's tough, sorry. :| Its still a pretty nasty thing to do and there probably discouraging people to play there game.
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