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  1. Thanks for all the answers. I know I can't wield book and bow obviously. Anyway, I was just thinking the best in each slot. For objectivity purposes. Crystal bow with 10/10 is the best numberwise.
  2. You don't know of any other improvements? I don't have gloves yet but I am working towards that and chestplate. Maybe when I get I will finally try Fight Caves again.
  3. What would bring the highest range atk bonus? The absolute highest in game. I am pretty sure armadyl is involved so I already started buying. Is there anything better then: Armadyl helm Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Plateskirt Ranger boots Amulet of Fury Ava's accumulater (since range cape doesn't give bonus) Barrows gloves Unholy book Archers ring Weapon? Crystal bow? Ammo doesn't affect Did I miss anything? Total cost: about 40 mil?
  4. There is definitely limits. Feathers are raw, yes? Well, you can only buy 10k of them.
  5. No its not worth it. The Legends cape is cooler and SO much cheaper. If you are doin' something totally safe and have the cash then why not but you could use your money better.
  6. Nopheo

    Quest cape

    farm herb rc hunt I would say raise hunter first. You can get it to 50 in no time. I say that because I think you should get most of your farming from Tears of Guthix. Its the easiest way to raise it while achieving the rest of your goal. I would say RC cosmics until 44 then switch to nats of course. Use the abyss and you will make good money. You can use the profit from RC to raise herblore. Few Alts: Farm+Herb exp in Sorceress's Garden Minigame. Steal Herbs and you will get farm and thief exp and use herbs to raise herblore obviously. RC you can use the ZMI for faster exp if you don't need the cash. ZMI is much faster exp but it sacrifices most of the profit.
  7. I would suggest finding a way that you an alch them. If not, you could make rune arrowsor even some kind of bolts. Bolts are the fastest exp but kinda expensive.
  8. Make your own yew longs or buy at lowest price from GE. The only way to get GE price down is to keep buying at lowest unless Jagex manually changes it.
  9. The stake can only be 3k. Unlike in trades, the balance does not have to be within 3k but within a total of 3k. There is not a way of making money like old fashion staking. At least me and my staker have not found one. The only way to receive a significant amount is with tournaments which is obviously members only.
  10. I believe RC is still the fastest way of making money so I would invest time in that but supply prices are goin' up, even p ess. If you just want money now then getting a supply like pess would be good.
  11. 2 weeks? Have you fletched since the "make x" update? Fletch, in a sense, has been nerfed. The make x has slowed down the experience significantly. Also, with yew longs being the very common method to 99, yews have been goin' up drastically. With the removal of RWT, bots of yews and bs have nearly disappeared and the price of production is now passing income. Fletch has become a moderatel expensive skill. If you are wicked rich though. Make bolts! Bolts have not received the make x option so they are the fastest exp. I made about 200k exp in about 30 minutes making bolts. However, if you have the money to do that then you could do a more respected skill. Cook IMO is the easiest 99. If any, then go for that. However, you have lost the support of the general TIF community it seems.
  12. I am here to represent the teenage crowd. I am 17. I feel that there is a large separation in the ages of rs players. They seem to be largely 10-14 and 25+. I feel that other MMORPGs have successfully hooked the 15-24 age group since WoW seems to target that market. Most of my friends play WoW even though most have tried rs.
  13. The clue was: 12 degrees 48 minutes north 20 degrees 20 minutes east The location was the northeast corner of the mound north of Edgeville. You have to go through Edgeville dungeon to reach by going up the ladder to the north of the black demons.
  14. You are far too weak to fight blue dragons. I am 83 ranger with robin and ranger and all that to have maxed range stats and I still think it is not worth it. I would suggest with the changes to simply train on green dragons. It would be best to get 60 range and red hide first. However, green dragons are far better to train on then blue dragons. They have low range def and are simply a lower lvl then blues. They have less health so more bones and hides. I have already seen a large increase out there. I used to pk against them but now you only have to worry about revenants which can't touch p2pers very well. Take an ectophial just in case.
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