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  1. When younger I was a shy, introverted, virgin loser always playing Runescape. My real life was so eventless and boring I fell in love with a girl I went to school with based solely off of the life she presented on social media. I thought "Wow, a hot girl who vacations to cool places and does cool shit. I want one!!!"


    I don't stalk her around anymore (hehe) but it probably wasn't good for me to waste all that time/energy thinking about her

  2. Hey. I put my old username back. I came back to see what was up on Tip.It and was mindblown that the Off-Topic page has several threads I remember participating in years ago.

  3. How important do you guys think deadlifts and squats are? Do either one of them add mass/help in adding mass? I've been doing all upper body (chest, shoulders, arms, some upper back) and I've included bench press, but bench is the only power lift I regularly do.


    Because of cross country, I haven't done squats because I don't want to run with sore legs and a sore ass. I plan on starting adding some deadlifts this week. So we'll see how that goes. NOTE: After XC, I plan on doing squats in the winter)

  4. What muscles do you guys work on the same days? I try to be strategic so I can work 5 days in a row (weekends off) without over-using sore muscles. For example, I don't like to bench with sore triceps. I usually combine things like back and biceps, chest and triceps, shoulders and forearms, etc. Does anyone else do this/ have as reccomendation of what muscles to work together?

  5. I don't consider there anything wrong with protein shakes - if you're doing some more involved supplements like creatine then it gets a bit iffy. But best to wait until you're 18 for sure. Working out too much when your body is still growing can have some adverse effects.


    Hmmm. I considered it safe for me because 1.) I am almost 18 and 2.) My body is probably almost done growing. I'm 6'2 and have been for a while.

  6. I'd like to use pre-workout supplements but my friends will call me a tool


    Why?? Even if you are worried about what your friends think, you can just drink at home before meeting with them. They don't have to know.

  7. Hey. I was wondering if any of you who lifted regularly took pre-workout supplements before you worked and and what brand/kind you use. I personally had this C4 stuff. http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/cellucor/c4-extreme.html


    I loved it. It kept me feeling like a superhero throughout my workouts and the taste was great. 10/10.


    NOW, I use this stuff that tastes like absolute liquid [cabbage]. http://www.muscletech.com/products/neurocore/index.shtml It works well and has me feeling strong,but it's taste is something else. It has such a kick it tastes like it has alcohol in it. (It obviously doesn't). 8/10


    But anyway, is using this stuff bad for you? I'm only 17 (18 in 3 months) and I'm just wondering if this will stunt my ass or whatever.


    Would anyone recommend buying creatine/other pre-workout supplements? I have started to get serious this summer, and I was curious as to whether a pre-workout would take my ass to the next level.


    Alright so I just drank pre-workout powder for the first time today. HOLY [cabbage]! I took 3 scoops and the whole time at the gym I felt like a superhero while lifting! I loved it. I hear creatine [bleep]s with your liver, and it may stunt growth? If it really does stunt growth, I should probably stop. I'm only 17. (18 in 3 months)


    P.S. I used this stuff. http://nitrofatburners.com/supplements/cellucor-c4-extreme-review/

  9. ^ You can always tell a person is new to smoking when all they do is talk about their experiences/being high.


    Anyway the differences between drinking beer and liquor is weird. With beer, I slowly start to feel myself get worse and worse. With liquor, I can down plenty and feel perfectly fine, then out of nowhere get hit like a truck.

  10. I drink protein and it works well. You should also look into buying a mass gaining powder.


    Would anyone recommend buying creatine/other pre-workout supplements? I have started to get serious this summer, and I was curious as to whether a pre-workout would take my ass to the next level.

  11. I can't get a job. After submitting my weak-ass resume, I never get called. I want to follow up and call the companies (fast food places and stores), but I don't know what to say. I can't get a job without work experience and I can't get work experience without a job.


    @who_am_i Safetywise, your headphones should be fine.

  12. Next year I will be attending Ohio State University, and I would like some advice.


    I've always thought I wanted to do pre-medicine and then proceed on to medical school and all that jazz. Lately, though, I don't know. I've been thinking.....what if I don't get accepted into medical school? What if I get into medical school but for some reason I can't handle it? If I didn't end up getting accepted, would I have just wasted my whole time at college? If I don't get accepted, what the hell do I do then?


    This is thinking 4+ years into the future....but damn.



    P.S. I tried looking for the help and advice thread but I couldn't find it, so I figured this was the next best thing.

  13. A lot of people seem to be a fan of government marijuana "cigarettes". Depending on how much is in each cigarette, a pack of marijuana cigarettes would be quite expensive when compared to tobacco cigarettes. Or would marijuana become cheaper if it were legal?

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