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  1. Rant about the most recent RuneScape updates here. ----------------------------- All Forum Rules Apply
  2. It won't get you unbanned or unmuted, but vent your frustration over having been unfairly muted/banned. Remember, no Jagex PM screeenshots or moderator quotes allowed. ----------------------------- All Forum Rules Apply
  3. It won't solve the fact that you've lost your items, but vent about how you've been scammed or lost your item(s) in some other fashion. Remember, no naming names. ----------------------------- All Forum Rules Apply
  4. We've all seen them even though they are illegal. Rant about macroers here. Report these rule violators in game as posting here won't get rid of them. Remember, no naming names. ----------------------------- All Forum Rules Apply
  5. Talk about what you don't like about being PK'd. No naming names though. ----------------------------- All Forum Rules Apply
  6. Are you a F2P player? Rant about the updates/additions you think F2P needs. Granted, the reason will always be "because F2Pers don't pay" but post here anyway. If you want to make a legitimate suggestion, post on the "]RuneScape Forums. ----------------------------- All Forum Rules Apply
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