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  1. to do smoking kills you need to do restless ghost which gives prayer exp
  2. ok everyone has suggested slayer, i have 85 slayer on my main account. I am after the fastest possible exp with my stats. i don't particularly want to be wasting my time on stuff that isn't good exp like i dunno fire giants with dogs attacking me in the karmja cave, I havent done waterfall quest. and perhaps in the time saved getting a new task would i get more exp just killing spiders?or would a black mask make up for it? i'm also not doing summoning and i have 1 prayer
  3. 60 attack 71 strength 63 defence 70 hp 1 pray 1 summoning Berserk helm Granite plate Dragon Skirt Dragon Defender Dragon Boots Glory Dragon Long/Dagger Regen Brace Obby cape would spiders be worth it or is there a better option? also using super sets
  4. yeah that's why i stuck with flesh crawlers, if nothing better comes up i'll just stick to them
  5. semi afk in the sense i get attacked without having to watch the screen too much and can still pick up drops 1 summoning
  6. i have 1 prayer, done almost no quests. should have added that.
  7. ok so i come back to play after about a year away, i'm training range with 61 defence 74 range i was using this set-up at flesh crawlers god coif black top black legs/d skirt rune kite bone bow and bolts snake boots/d boots glory wealth regen i can't remember exactly what warrior armour i had but i needed a few so i wouldn't use food at them. is this still a decent way to semi-afk and make money at the same time?
  8. oops, i ment 4mb download speed, 25gb data. and yeah what Laura0077 describe is what i meant but yeah ive worked soemthing out thanks
  9. well i have 25gb download speed, and sometimes i end up using 3 days worth in a few hours, i tried that but it still downloads as fast
  10. yeah i don't want mine to go so fast, i run out of downloads too quick, sometimes i just need to see part of a youtube video for example and its already downloaded like 50mb of it. so yeah need like a browser add on or program to limit dl speed when i want. any exist?
  11. yeah been not playing for 6 months, forgot names of sc skill only clans i need a rank for sc claymates
  12. how many hours till it finishes?
  13. smithing isnt slow exp, its actually rather fast as in 300k+ exp per hour. herblore maybe? cut the cost in half or by 2.7 times.
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