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  1. Congratulations, now get that 3rd age reward ;)


    Hope you enjoy the cape, what's next?


    Thanks a lot James :D. Next cape up is 99 HP, and then after that comes Smithing, and then hopefully a partyhat, depending on how the market shakes out after the update.


    Thanks for posting, it's always well appreciated :).


    I did get a clue drop today. Not quite third-age value, but not bad, either:



    Then a couple random levels:




    Next task: Abbysal Demons. Hoping for a whip, or perhaps another nice clue reward :).

  2. So how about this for getting things in pairs?


    First came the two whips from my Abbysal Demons task. Then came a pair of Granite Mauls from my Gargoyles task (didn't bother to picture them, but they'll show up when I sell all my loot later on), and then today I recieved two nice clue rewards:


    First, a modest one:



    Then, one worth over a million gp:



    New task is 219 Abbysal Demons :D. Let's hope the luck train keeps rolling.

  3. 30% of the way from 98 to 99 Defence. Looking to get it around the 21st of January, give or take a couple days.


    OMG another 99?


    Yes indeedy! After 99 Defence, 99 Hitpoints will follow a month or so later. Then I'll be buying 99 Smithing :D.


    Didn't have much time to play today, but edged closer to 99 Defence. Over 1/3rd of the way there now, almost at 40% from 98 to 99.


    Abbysal Demon task is up next. Hoping to break my whipless streak.

  4. Whipless tasks are a giant kick in the pants, especially when you have a streak of them. Grats on 99 wc and 98 defence...the defence cape is pretty hawt.


    Thanks a bunch Cjm. It's annoying not seeing any whips, but at least the Clue Scrolls have been pretty decent. I can't wait for the Defence cape, either :)


    Well, I'll be chugging along rock bottom railroad for a while yet, I suppose. We'll see how it goes. :P Anyway, I'm posting because I blatantly forgot to congratulate you on 99 Woodcutting. Very hawt. Congratulations! :D


    Thanks Mens :D. It was a little strange not having you there for the actual earning of the cape. But if you ever need me for anything, you know where to find me, man. I'll help in any way I can.




    No new exciting pictures, haven't had much time to play over the last couple of days. Nearing 12M Defence xp, about 11% of the way from 98 to 99.

  5. Haha, I'd love to grab coffee with you (though I think Detroit with my Dad is the closest I'll get, haha). Anyway, it turns out that my rough patch has turned into a rough swamp. I'm trying to push through it but... :\. Anyway, I haven't given up yet, though I hate to say I'm somewhat close to doing so :(. Anyway, keep on going. :P


    Don't you dare give up. On anything. No matter what you always have someone there, man. I'm always open to talk about anything. Thanks for checking up on me again. It means a lot to know that you're still keeping tabs on me, and keeping communication :).


    During a Slayer task:



    Five straight whipless Abbysal Demons tasks, and five straight clues without a TT drop (including a seven-step Elite clue :/). Hope that changes with my second clue from my Desert Strykeworms task.


    99 Defence should come within the next couple weeks, along with 88 Slayer around the same time.

  6. Finished up my Abbysal Demons task. Third straight whip-less task of those :(. I got three Clue Scrolls while Slaying, though, the last of which turned out thusly:



    So that makes two of the fourth Bandos page in my bank. I'm also now under 100k to 87 Slayer.


    Back to Woodcutting for now. I'm gonna try to cut down xp to 99 to under 300K (no pun intended). Then I'll do my Fire Giants task for some quick Slayer xp. After that, I might buckle down and go for the Woodcutting cape :P

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